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Sling is a Predacon from the Beast Wars Neo portion of the Generation One continuity family.

He's basically a green guy wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Sling is incredibly dense. He’s only good for following orders, but tends to screw that up as well. The other Predacons sigh in his presence and try their best to tolerate him (except for Saberback, who insults him at every available moment). He’s a gung-ho warrior but is only really evil because the other Predacons tell him he is. Sling speaks in a high-pitched cackle, which often times irritates his fellow soldiers. He’s not the most popular Predacon. According to the fandub, he has a brother named Carl.


Beast Wars Neo animation[]

Voice actor: Monster Maezuka (Japanese)
250px-Bwneo1 predacons

See? I look like a chimpanzee

Sling was among the Predacons stationed on Gaia, along with his commander Magmatron. When they noticed five new Maximal recruits landing on the planet’s surface, he was ordered, along with the others, to deal with them. While the others fired on the inbound Maximals, Sling hid in a patch of nearby brush in flower mode, eventually capturing Stampy unawares, and holding him hostage. When the Maximals tried to rescue their teammate, Sling, along with his teammates, confronted them, but were suddenly frozen in place by Heinrad’s freezing of time. Held still for long enough for Heinrad to take back Stampy, once things returned to normal, he was left stunned by the events that had just unfolded. Once Magmatron and Big Convoy began to duke it out, Guiledart took precautionary measures and demanded that DNAVI teleport them back to HQ before things got messy, taking all Predacons away from combat, bar Sling, who was almost forgotten about by his own team. Bummer. After begging, DNAVI begrudgingly teleported him, too, though. Sling, along with the other Predacons, was lectured by DNAVI for their failure in combat. Big Convoy, Move Out Sling was with the other Predacons when they listened to Saberback, via transmission, detail his magical powers. Sling was in awe, shocked that he had never known that Saberback had power over wizardry, but Guiledart called Saberback out on not possessing any real special abilities, other than being able to transform into a flower. Sling later came to Saberback’s aid when he was being pursued by Longrack and Colada. When Guiledart and Saberback began to bicker, Sling called attention to the fact that the more important situation was retrieving the Angolmois, before firing on the two Maximals. Later on, when Maximal reinforcements arrived, chaos broke out, and at one point, the Angolmois capsule was thrown in Sling’s direction. Guiledart screamed at Sling to catch it, but the Predacon wasn’t all too coordinated, and it instead fell into the hands of Heinrad. After the Maximals had taken off with the Angolmois, Guiledart blamed the loss on Sling, but Saberback came to his defense. When DNAVI was ordered by Magmatron to transport the Predacons back to the ship, Sling was forgotten about once more, having to beg her to teleport him back, too. Chase the Mysterious Capsule Sling was on the Dinosaur, and was on board with Guiledart’s plan to retrieve the Angolmois capsule located on the frozen planet Solid. His first move upon arrival was to bury the main Maximal group underneath snow with Saberback. The two Predacons then rendezvoused with Dead End while the Predacon fretted about potentially damaging the Angolmois capsule by losing it underwater. When Sling called him unreliable, and asked if he needed any help, Dead End dove under the water and told them he’d do it himself. When the ice Sling and Saberback were standing on began to melt, they requested DNAVI teleport them off-world, but the AI demanded they call her “Anastasia” before she assisted them. They reluctantly agreed, and were transported back to the Dinosaur. Burning Heart Below Freezing Sling participated in Guiledart's plan to attack the Maximals on Maderan so that they could have more time to locate the Angolmois there at their own pace. Sling was teamed with Guiledart himself, and they focused their efforts on disabling Stampy, Longrack, and Break. They succeeded in capturing the latter two with an electric trap, but Stampy himself was able to escape, much to Sling's chagrin. Guiledart wasn't too concerned, though, telling Sling that he'd be destroyed one way or another. They both found themselves shocked when Stampy showed back up to free the prisoners... temporarily. Magmatron swiftly arrived and recaptured them, watching in glee as his Predacon troops tortured the Maximals. Sling in particular reveled in poking them with his "Tail Bunker". Big Convoy then arrived and prepared to fire on the group with his "Big Cannon" in order to free his soldiers, to which Magmatron responded by teleporting the Predacons away from the battlefield and back to the Dinosaur. Hang in There, Stampy When the Predacons entered the orbit of the planet Donovan, none of the troops wanted to beam down due to the fact that it was essentially all sand and desert. After all of the others had refused, it eventually came down to Sling, with Guiledart forcing him to go. Although he began to protest, Guiledart buttered him up, calling him the Predacons' "trump card", which was enough to convince Sling. Once he had landed, he stumbled upon illusions of Guiledart, Dead End, and Saberback, which called him useless. After the apparitions disappeared, he found Colada and Break, and he immediately fought the former to let out his rage at having been insulted earlier. In the midst of their brawl, the real Predacons showed up, and Dead End tried to involve himself in the battle. Sling prevented him from attacking Colada, exclaiming that he knew what they really thought of him, and stating that he'd try to take credit for his work. The canyon on which they were dueling then began to collapse, leaving Sling in the sand lunging at different mirages of Angolmois capsules while Colada escaped. When the real capsule was sent flying his way, he missed catching it, and it flew over him. Later, when he and the other Predacons were able to take down Break and Colada, and prepared to finish them off, they were all blown away by Big Convoy's "Big Cannon". Mirage of the Sand

Beast Wars Neo manga[]


Beast Wars Neo[]

  • Sling (Basic, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: D-31

For the Last time i tell you am not an Dinosaur but a Synapsid am more related to Mice then Lizards

Sling transforms into an organic dimetrodon. His back-sail can open up to form a spring-loaded bear-trap-like "flower" trap. This assembly becomes a robot-mode shield.
This mold was later used to make the Wal-Mart Dinobot Sludge.
  • Stampy vs Sling (Multi-pack, 1999)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-31
BWN-toy VS31box
Sling was also available in a two-pack with the Maximal Stampy. This version is identical to the single-pack release.

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