Slicer is a Decepticon Action Master in the Generation One continuity family.
Have you seen me?

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Slicer only knows one thing: attack. This single-mindness has even led to difficulty in relating to his fellow Decepticons; the ever-lasting desire to attack forces Slicer to be cruel and unjust to all. On top of this, Slicer has a very short temper.

Now, with his transforming exo-suit, Slicer is usually in the front lines, tearing through Autobots with his anger and destruction.


Generation One

  • Slicer (Action Master, 1991)
Accessories: 2 cannons, 2 blades
G1 Slicer toy

Sure, it's a stompy death killing machine, but it's a pink stompy death killing machine!

A redeco of Action Master Wheeljack, Slicer is a non-transforming Action figure that is compatible with all other Action Master vehicles and weapons. He comes with a 4WD Assault Vehicle that can transform into an armoured Exo-suit.

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