Slayride is a mutant Cybertronian from the Generation One continuity family.

Jingle HELLS!

Slayride has the best second best name in the history of names. Screw Sinnertwin!

He is also a dangerous mutant machine, part of a gang the lurks in the Underworld, killing anything that crosses their path. His lower body appears to be little more than a large base with a sled underneath, which seems to let him skim along the Underworld's waterways.


Marvel comic continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Slayride was part of the group of mutants who chased the young Autobots Tailgate, Flattop and Subsea through the Underworld when the trio foolishly decided to take the ancient Autobot "trial by fire".

Despite the awesomeness of his name, he didn't really do anything but die when Tailgate shot Smeltdown's furnace, causing an explosion. Underworld!

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