"We're not in competition with each other, you nincombots! What's important is that one of us wins!"
―Slashmark in Disordered Personalities.

Slashmark is a Decepticon Stunticon who unites to form Menasor with Heatseeker, Dragstrip, Wildbreak and Motormaster.

He will insult and snark at those deemed lesser by him, and unfortunately, his arrogance means there are a lot of fellows that will end up victims of deep-cutting words. But perhaps this is a good thing. He isn't exactly surrounded by Cybertron's smarter Decepticons and the Stunticons could use someone like him to keep them from getting into mission ruining arguments or just plain old goofing around.

True to his own name, his tires can generate energy fields that can slash up a concrete road or an enemy Autobot, which should teach uppity lawbots some good manners. He can also manifest this energy in robot mode as hand-held rings to be used in melee combat or thrown at foes. Slashmark can also combine with Heatseeker into Heatmark, as well as with the full Stunticon team to form the chaotic Menasor.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise


Season 3

In Disordered Personalities, believing the winner's title of "Ruler of the Roads" to be literal, Slashmark and his fellow Stunticons entered the Crown City Grand Prix. Slashmark found himself repeatedly tangling with Drift and Sideswipe as they attempted to stop him although they'd been bodyswapped as the result of a failed combiner experiment. The pair eventually managed to get the better of Slashmark and knocked him off a cliff.

In The Golden Knight, after the Stunticons terrorized a police car, Slashmark combined with Heatseeker to celebrate, however Motormaster was unimpressed with their progress thus far in conquering Earth.

In Railroad Rage, when the Stunticons discovered a maglev train that was faster than them, Motormaster ordered his four subordinates to bring him its power source. The Stunticons had to fight their way into the train yard and then ended up atop the train, fighting the Autobots after Grimlock accidentally set the train into motion. Slashmark and the others were eventually thrown off and had to report back to an unhappy Motormaster.

In Combine and Conquer, while in response to Motormaster berating the Stunticons for their failure to defeat the Autobots, Slashmark blamed the fact he had to work with "buffoons", eliciting a hostile response from Heatseeker. He took part in Motormaster's new plan, which involved them luring the Autobots to a desert location and then forming Menasor, with Slashmark becoming the combiner's right leg. Menasor's attempt to secure a satellite dish which was part of a meteor deflection system ended when the Autobots used the dish to send Menasor flying.

In Moon Breaker, accompanied by Wildbreak, Slashmark was using a tracking device to search for Cybertronian technology and inadvertantly stumbled on the scrapyard which the Autobots were using as a base. They reported to Motormaster as the Autobots blasted off in Optimus Prime's ship, and were ordered to return so the Stunticons could mount a surprise attack in space. Though the attack was unsuccessful, the Stunticons to detected Windblade's cache of tech on the Moon and opted to head there instead. On reaching the cache, the Stunicons merged into Menasor so they could break through its defences. Mission accomplished, the Stunticons headed back towards their ship and again combined to destroy Prime Force One, when they found it parked next to their ride. Unfortunately for them, the combined Autobots caught up with them and defeated Menasor when the five Stunticons came into conflict with each other. The five Decepticons were later loaded into stasis pods and taken into Optimus Prime's custody


Season 3


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