This article is about the Robots in Disguise Predacon toad. For the Dinobots-series Autobot dinosaur, see Slapper (Dinobots).

Slapper is a dim-witted thug, even by Predacon standards. He's just about smart enough to have a cruel sense of humor, enjoying the failures and injuries inflicted on his own teammates. Slapper manages to combine stealth and stupidity; his prowess in amphibious assaults makes it easy for him to sneak up on foes, but he's so gullible that once he gets there, he can just about be talked out of fighting.

Japanese name: Guushar (グッシャー Gusshā)
Russian name: Yashcher (Ящер, "Reptile")


Cartoon continuity

Robots in Disguise cartoon

Voice actor: Peter Lurie (English), Ryō Naitō (Japanese)
Slapper beast

I slapp'a you good!

Slapper came to Earth along with Megatron and the Predacons to plunder its energy and do typical nasty things that evil aliens are known for. He was teamed with Gas Skunk and Dark Scream, but the Beast Trio proved to be rather ineffective. Their commander, Sky-Byte, soon joined them on the battlefield, but they still proved ineffective. Megatron then gained the additional forces of the Decepticons, but Slapper and friends still proved ineffective.

Optimus Slapper04


After the defeat of Galvatron, all the Decepticons and Predacons were rounded up and incarcerated in a dimensional prison (not unlike the Phantom Zone from the Superman films) and carted off to Cybertron by Fortress Maximus. Trapped in the same dimensional jail cell as his Predacon teammates, Slapper pondered the fate of Sky-Byte, who had not been taken into custody. They soon realized that Sky-Byte had been stranded on Earth, a fate they considered worse than imprisonment.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Ultra the Rescue?

3H comics

Slapper was part of the coalition army that fought back the Quintesson invasion of the recently reformatted technorganic Cybertron. He and Stampy leapt onto an escaping dropship and planted bombs on it, leaping to safety before the bombs exploded and brought the ship back down to the surface. Wreckers: Finale Part II


Robots in Disguise

RID Slapper Toy

I live to serve you, Magneto!

  • Guushar (Basic, 2000)
    • Japanese ID number: D-004
    • Accessories: Tongue-mace
A redeco of the Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Predacon Spittor, Slapper transforms into a monstrous techno-organic toad. His beast mode tongue acts as a hand-held flail weapon for robot mode. He also has a flip-up claw on his toad back.
  • Dark Scream / Gas Skunk / Slapper (Mega 3-pack, 2001)
    • Accessories: Tongue-mace
For his Hasbro release, Slapper was only available in a Mega-level 3-pack with his fellow stooges, Dark Scream and Gas Skunk. There are no noteworthy differences between the Hasbro and Takara versions.

Special attacks

  • Right Laser
  • Tongue Lash Attack



Amusingly enough, his Robots in Disguise fate was more dignified than what he would have had as a Wrecker.

  • According to the Car Robots toy catalog, Dark Scream, Gas Skunk and Slapper comprise a subgroup known as the "3 Metal Beast Brothers" (メタルビースト3兄弟 Metaru Bīsuto 3 Kyōdai). Apparently, Takara's intent was to have them parallel the deluxe "Three Car Robot Brothers" (as Prowl, Side Burn, and X-Brawn were called in Japan), but both the Japanese and American versions of the cartoon ignored them having any sort of familial relationship.
  • Hasbro considered using the name "Wartoad" for Slapper before release.
  • In the Japanese version, Slapper speaks with a Kansai dialect, sort of the Japanese equivalent of "old-fashioned, backwoods goofus".
  • Early plans for the Wreckers comics called for Guushar to join their ranks. However, these plans pre-dated the importing of Car Robots to the West, and when those plans were made known, 3H replaced Guushar with the original version of the toy mold, Spittor. This also mandated a hasty change to the coloration of the promotional group-shot. Traces of the original coloration can still be seen in the final version, such as Spittor's hands being a lighter blue than the rest of his arms. Ultimately, Slapper did make an appearance in Wreckers, though not as part of the titular group.
  • Slapper's tongue is 42 feet, 3 inches long. He measured it himself in "Battle Protocol".
  • In the U.K., The word Slapper is an insult towards women, insinuating that they are a 'loose woman'. An insult for a name, yeah. Not the first in Transformers history though...


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