Slamdance is an Autobot Mini-Cassette in the Generation One continuity family.
Slamdance MTMTE

Thanks to combiner technology, Slamdance can be both fair and balanced.

Slamdance is not a great warrior, but he is a brilliant journalist. The combined form of Grand Slam and Raindance, he combines the former's gravitas and vanity with the latter's mastery in data gathering. He can be a bit stuffy, but his dedication to presenting an accurate and unbiased account of current events is welcomed in his war-tossed times. He keeps the Autobots honest.


Marvel Comics continuity

Slamdance did not appear in his combined form, but his components Grand Slam and Raindance did. And only in cassette modes. And they were a MacGuffin.

Club Con!

Dreamwave comics continuity

War Within: The Dark Ages

Merged as Slamdance, Raindance and Grand Slam served as a correspondent overseeing the Pax Cybertronia between the Autobots, Decepticons, and Ultracons. Engineered by Ultra Magnus and accepted by Shockwave and Ratbat as a means for pooling their dwindling energy resources, the Pax was to be an ending of the Dark Ages. Unfortunately, a bombing run followed by an all-out assault by Starscream and his Predacons ended all hopes of an easy truce, and the dramatic return of Megatron with his cloned Aerospace Extermination Squadron ended any ideas of truce at all. Slamdance avoided the termination sweeps only by falling deep underground. He eventually linked up with the resistance movement organizated by Blaster and Perceptor.


Generation One

  • Grand Slam / Raindance (Mini-Cassette, 1988)
Slamdance combines the two Mini-Cassettes Grand Slam and Raindance into a humanoid robot mode (which the individuals lack). In this combined mode he can make use of all of his components' chromed add-on weapons. Since the two individuals were only ever sold as a combined set, that was the only way to get Slamdance.

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