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Skywatch is a human organization from the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Skywatch is a covert government organization seemingly bent on collecting Transformers on Earth... in the national interest. Unlike their fellow conspiracy theory wet dream, they do not currently appear to be manipulated by any Cybertronians.

They seem to be under the impression that they can also control said Cybertronians to their advantage.

Stupid, stupid fleshlings.

Known members


IDW comics continuity

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In 1985, at Mount St. Helens in Oregon, Skywatch excavated a giant condor robot and a giant jaguar robot from a volcanic eruption the year prior. Spotlight: Soundwave

In 2007, in Eureka, Nevada, Skywatch took over the excavation of a giant purple robot and several giant dinosaur robots. Escalation issue 5

In Washington, D.C., the active condor and jaguar robots were being held in a Skywatch facility. Escalation issue 6 Following the Brasnya conflict, Skywatch deployed to the battlefield with intention to use the jaguar and condor robots (which had undergone "conditioning") to find the other Transformers. There was no possibility of this blowing-up in their faces. Devastation issue 1 And then it blew up in their faces when their robots went AWOL, responding to an alien signal from a blue, secondhand microcassette recorder, right as giant robots starting trashing American soil. Devastation issue 4

Due to the Reapers' attack on Decepticon headquarters, Skywatch decided to activate the most advanced of the "Eureka-6": Thunder Lizard-1. Devastation issue 5 When their scientist, Weston protests he can't "process" TL-1 this quickly, Joshua Red explains they have no choice — they're at war, it's going to get worse, and "we can't rely on anyone coming to our aid!". Devastation issue 6

And as every sensible being anticipated, this experiment blew up in their faces as well. A mole secretly working with the Machination interfered with the re-activation process and Grimlock (or Thunder Lizard-1) regained control of his functions and broke out of the base. Agent Red ordered the scientists to figure out what went wrong and to begin preparations for the other "Thunder Lizards" to be deployed. Even though Grimlock's reactivation was sabotaged, Agent Red still learned nothing. Idiot. Spotlight: Grimlock

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