The name or term Skywarp refers to more than one character or idea, all of them marginally braver than the character featured here. For a list of other meanings, do not be afraid to see Skywarp (disambiguation).

Skywarp, the Coward Starscream is one Decepticon of Starscream's clones/Seekers, adapting his cowardly side, although it seems to have been greatly enhanced. So much that he's basically afraid of everything. He can't even stand still; even when nothing is going on, he's trembling at some imagined threat. Even though he's got all of Starscream's abilities and could've been a dangerous warrior, if he wasn't such a coward. Even picturing Megatron in his memory processor gives him nightmares.

Naturally, this makes him something of a liability in battle. But he does make one fine decoy to draw enemy fire, as well as using his teleportation ability to flee from the battle.

"Us? Against Megatron? Are you insane?! (whimpers) I… think I just sprang an oil leak."
―Skywarp, right after his activation[["A Bridge Too Close, Part I"| [src]]]


Transformers Animated Skywarp jet.jpg


Animated cartoon

Frightening Voice actor: Tom Kenny (English), Stefan Staudinger (German), Jin Yamanoi (Japanese)

Skywarp is not too sure if he can face the leader

Skywarp was the last clone brought online before Starscream led his new force to Earth. A Bridge Too Close, Part I

He is a Cowardly Dog

In the battle for the space bridge, he mostly cowered and pleaded. Blurr got a pair of stasis cuffs on him, which absolutely terrified him, as he claimed that he had an irrational fear of stasis lock. But then both of them and Thundercracker (who was stuck in one of Mixmaster's concoction's) were accidentally hurled into the space bridge, their destination unknown, they were unable to come back, as pointed out by the expert. A Bridge Too Close, Part II Skywarp finds himself stuck in the glob of Mixmaster's cement along with Thundercracker and Blurr on a small planetoid, looking scared and upset. After Thundercraker provided freedom for him, Skywarp disappeared. TransWarped


Transformers Animated

You want anxiety? We haven't told him he's a black repaint yet.

  • Skywarp (Voyager, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 missiles
A redeco of Voyager-class Starscream, Skywarp transforms into a futuristic, forward-swept wing fighter jet based upon the Su-47 (S-37) Berkut Experimental Fighter and the YF-19 "Alpha One" from the series Macross Plus. This shape allows him to have his faction symbols right-side-up on his wings in robot mode. He features a pair of spring-loaded missile launchers, available in both robot and jet modes.
Oddly enough, despite being a total coward, he still has Starscream's signature smile. Maybe he's having a rare moment of spine? (Or maybe Hasbro was just being lazy and wanted to keep the cost down.)


Hear this, because it's only coming once: I surrender totally and without condition. Additional: Sorry to take up your valuable time. Sorry. Sorry. Bye.

  • Skywarp was announced as a toy at BotCon 2008's Hasbro toy panel. The Hasbro presenters were pretty insistent that he was developed as a non-show character, simply a way to re-use the Voyager Starscream mold.
  • Later in the weekend during their designers panel, they revealed a "concept colors" illustration to show that they considered the redeco potential of their molds early in the development process. This illustration showed line-art of Animated Starscream in both Skywarp and Thundercracker-inspired colors. This (of course) has led some fans to conclude Thundercracker was in the pipeline — but at no point did Hasbro ever say they were, merely that his deco was among the options they looked at (which isn't exactly a shock).
  • In the Animated series, Skywarp is not given a name (and is referred to as Coward Starscream), but his identity is finally confirmed with the release of the bio on Hasbro's website.
  • Out of all the Starscream clones based on the characters from Generation One, Skywarp resembles his Generation One counterpart more closely than the other Starscream clones between their Generation One counterparts. Skywarp even resembles his Generation One counterpart more than Animated Starscream does.
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