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The name or term Skywarp refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Skywarp (disambiguation).

Skywarp is a Decepticon from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film series continuity family.


Skywarp has never been interested in power or conquest. He simply wishes to be left alone in his pursuit of knowledge. He joined the Decepticons because Megatron was willing to give him facilities in which to work, and simply leave him alone. In return, he has produced countless powerful weapons and experimental systems for his comrades. He is personally equipped with mighty weapons that can twist the very fabric of reality into a smear of color and light, or rip mountains apart.


Revenge of the Fallen video game

Skywarp is he designation of the Seeker units in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. They are one of the harder foes to deal with.

He can be played as in Multi-player, But using a cheat at the start menu of the game, you can unlock him for Single-player.

  • Teleportation
  • Hover (As with all other flight capable characters)
  • Auto-Cannon
  • Rocket Gun

Titan Magazines

In British Colombia, Skywarp was looking after the severely damaged Devastator. After Devastator knocked Stratosphere out of the air, Skywarp went after the downed Autobot. After a brief battle, Skywarp retreated. Head in the Clouds

Over Cordoba, Spain. Skywarp attacked Blazemaster. Blazemaster retaliated and damaged Skywarp's engines, making him fall to Earth. As he fell, he launched two missiles at Blazemaster. As the Autobot fell, he transformed before they battle on the ground. However, Skywarp had other ideas — he explained he didn't come looking for a fight. He told him how Bludgeon was impressed with how he handled Reverb. He then left him to decide what to do. Turn and Burn


Revenge of the Fallen


  • Skywarp (Voyager, 2009)
    • Accessories: 6 missiles
Skywarp is a Walmart exclusive redeco of Thundercracker, who was a retool of Starscream toy with a new head. He is a Walmart exclusive. In the U.K he was available in ASDA, along with the Thundercracker and Ramjet figures.

Dark of the Moon


  • Skywarp (MechTech Deluxe, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DD10
    • Accessories: 2 MechTech Guns/Swords
Like Thundercracker, Skywarp is a repaint of Starscream. He also comes with repainted versions of the same MechTech weapons as Starscream.
Skywarp is a Japanese exclusive figure.

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