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Skywarp is a Maximal from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Also not a girl.

Skywarp is a master of aerial combat who was dispatched from Cybertron to provide Lio Convoy with backup on Gaea. He is very serious but knows when to lighten up. Skywarp has great consideration for young Maximal warriors and does his best to treat them with respect (though he occasionally has trouble with Lio Junior). He is a teacher at heart who tries to share his wisdom and skill with all who are willing to learn from it.

Together, with Lio Junior and Santon, he forms Magnaboss II.


Beast Wars II

Voice actor: Mantaroh Iwao (Japan)


Beast Wars II

  • Skywarp (Maximal, 1997)
Japanese ID number: C-27
Skywarp is a slight repaint of Silverbolt, transforming into a bald eagle. The primary difference between the two toys is Skywarp's silver helmet. Each of his wings contains a spring-loaded "Sky Missile" missile launcher, plus a hidden "Wing Caliber" feather-sword. He also forms the headdress, chest-armor and back to Magnaboss. He was available by himself or as part of the Magnaboss giftset.


"Come on, vogue!"

While early TV Magazine page art depicted Skywarp as decidedly feminine, Skywarp was most certainly male in the Beast Wars II TV series. Why the change was made is uncertain; possibly it had to do with toy sales much in the way that Airazor was turned male for the Japanese dub of Beast Wars.

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