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"I'm the fastest thing on two wings!"
―Skywarp [src]

Skywarp is a Decepticon Seeker featured in War for Cybertron as a playable character.


War for Cybertron

Megatron sent Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp to activate Cybertron's Geosynchronous Energon Bridge, allowing Megatron to create more of his Dark Energon. The Seekers went through Cybertron's underground, which Thundercracker commented he'd never done before, prompting mockery from Skywarp. They hijacked an Autobot ship, and when Skywarp took offense to Starscream's comment that the Autobots were "dumber than him!", he tried to make a comeback, but ended up only looking more foolish. When they flew through reservoirs of raw liquid energon, he played down Thundercracker's warning that the stuff was extremely volatile in that state. At another point, he took issue with Starscream's constant belittling, even though he wasn't sure it was him being belittled. (It was.) Despite Skywarp's constant bickering with his partners (in one instance, unintentionally calling himself ugly), they made it deep into Cybertron's underground, where they found the energon bridge's main controls. There, they attempted to reactivate it while simultaneously corrupting it with Dark Energon, only for its guardian machine to activate in response, attempting to cleanse the corruption. A tense battle against the relentless machine ensued, with the three of them dodging fireballs, evading energy beams, and taking potshots at the core when it overheated and needed to open up to cool off. Finally, the sentinel was destroyed, the corruption allowed to proceed apace, and the bridge activated. Skywarp was, for once, quicker on the uptake than Thundercracker, commenting on the sight only for Thundercracker to all but parrot his words a moment later. It might have been the crowning achievement of his life. Later, the Seekers helped distract Omega Supreme in order to protect Megatron. Skywarp and the others watched as Megatron achieved his plan to infect Cybertron's core with Dark Energon.

DS Version

Skywarp joined Megatron's Decepticon army at the same time as Starscream, though was much less vocal about it. After the Decepticons successfully tested the Dark Energon, Skywarp pointed out that they'd used almost the entirety of the stockpile on Trypticon station. He supervised Starscream as the other Decepticon deciphered ancient data files and reported back to Megatron that Starscream had discovered the existence of the Energon Bridge which would provide power to the station so they could make more Dark Energon. Though they reactivated the bridge, the Autobots encrypted the link to the core with the Omega Key. Starscream decrypted more files, establishing where the key was being held, but Skywarp noted gloomily that it would likely be being guarded by Zeta Prime. They managed to track down Zeta Prime and take the Omega Key, only to discover that it was merely the key to activate Omega Supreme. As Omega Supreme attacked, Megatron yelled at the Decepticons to stand their ground, and Skywarp retorted that they'd just been knocked clear down the mountain by their foe. At Megatron's encouragement, the Decepticons pressed on, though Skywarp wondered aloud if Omega Supreme wasn't larger than he was a few moments ago. The Decepticons succeeded in defeating Omega Supreme and infused the core of Cybertron with Dark Energon.


When Decepticons bombed Altihex Casino, Starscream told Sentinel Prime that Skywarp and Thundercracker were his trusted lieutenants and that they would take him to safety. They actually took him to Kaon, from where he was then moved to Moonbase One and imprisoned.


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When the Decepticons confronted the Star Seekers in an asteroid belt, Skywarp was one of the regular Seekers who triggered the Star Seekers' trap. Shortly after, Skywarp used his teleportation ability on Soundwave's behalf to confirm sensor readings identifying the location of the Ark. Partially to annoy Starscream, Megatron made a point of congratulating Skywarp on his excellent scouting efforts. This praise would prove his undoing.

After both the Ark and Nemesis crews were roped into peace talks by the Quintessons on Aquatron, the Curator provided Starscream with encouragement to scheme for himself. Starscream in turn called up Skywarp to make use of his teleporting. Skywarp was provided with a bomb and told the coordinates necessary to teleport in and leave the bomb where it would eliminate the Curator and free the Decepticons to renew their attack on the Autobots. What Skywarp didn't know is the coordinates actually led to the peace talk summit room where both Megatron and Optimus were located. And Starscream's bomb had a 00:01 second fuse instead of a 00:10 second one.

Normally, Skywarp required five seconds to properly calculate the trajectory of his teleportation jumps, but here he had no time. In an effort to stay alive, Skywarp attempted a blind 'port and wound up underwater a severely damaged by the effort. He was in no condition to defend himself when Commander Gnaw of the Sharkticons crunched him up. The Quintessons performed minimal brainwashing on what was left of Skywarp, keeping him alive long enough to provide false testimony at the Cybertronians' trial condemning his people. He was then swallowed up for good by Gnaw.


Video Games

Novel Series


  • His default swiping is the Scatter Blaster.
  • Skyquake's role in Transformers: Prime was originally meant to be Skywarp.
  • Skywarp were made a pre-order at Gamestop included in the "Weathered Warrior Pack". He was later made a DLC and can be downloaded for use in Escalation. His default ability is the Heal Beam, and his default weapon is the Neutron Assault Rifle.