Skystalker beast
Skystalker is one of the Predacons subjected to hyper-evolution by Shockwave. While his high intelligence, sense of logic, and careful deliberation would make the one-eyed Decepticon scientist proud, his emotions can sometimes get the best of him in the most destructive of ways. Aiding him in this destruction, his breath can freeze Autobot armor, rendering it dangerously brittle, and the Cryostrike Disc Launchers on his wings are nothing to scoff at, either.

History ==

Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 12

Released from his Hyperevolution Chamber, Skystalker awoke in the midst of a fierce battle between Shockwave and Smokescreen. Despite being tempted to join the fray, Skystalker took this time to observe his surroundings, eventually realizing that he was in a laboratory where he and his fellow Predacons were being experimented upon. This revelation was enough to trigger his rage, and he proceeded to destroy everything around him with his disc launchers. 

Full of Fire!

Skystalker joined five other Predacons in an attack on the Autobots. Unfortunately the Autobots had just built themselves new weapons, which proved to be more than effective against the Predacons. Skystalker sort of hovered overhead while Ratchet attacked Ripclaw with his Dragonshredder Drill. The Predacons were beaten into a retreat, and withdrew back to the Nemesis.


  • Skystalker may have a relative in Backbite.


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