Skysledge and Stormhammer

Skysledge combines with Stormhammer to form Skyhammer.


Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Crash Combiner Skysledge
  • Skysledge & Stormhammer (Crash Combiner, 2017)
Released as part of the second wave of 2015 Robots in Disguise Crash Combiners, Skysledge changes from the bulkiest jet ever to robot in two extremely simple steps. His face is suspiciously similar to Generation 1 Jetfire's battle mask. His color scheme is mainly plain white with some bits of dark red for the chest and jet engines, black for the wings and connector, blue for his visor and yellow for the jet's windows. He also has a little green arrow above the connector on the jet's nose indicating where to crash him to combine with other figures. He only has limited articulation on his shoulders, but he can also spread his legs for a more dramatic pose thanks to his combined form's transformation scheme. He comes packaged with Stormhammer and is intended to combine with him to form Skyhammer's waist and legs. Connecting them to each other will activate Stormhammer's automatic transformation, but Skysledge must be converted manually. He can also combine with any other Crash Combiner figure to form a random Combiner.

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