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Skyquake is a Decepticon from Prime continuity.

Skyquake was a powerful Decepticon warrior chosen by Megatron to guard the energon that was stockpiled on Earth. He was fiercely loyal to Megatron and continued to follow his masters orders even after his supposed death. He was Dreadwing's twin brother and the two shared a split spark.


Prime cartoon

Dreadwing and Skyquake were created from two halves of the same life force which created them. Even across the galaxy, they could sense each other. Loose Cannons


Hmm, have we seen this before?

During the Great War, Skyquake participated in the Battle of Technar where Megatron ordered him to destroy Optimus Prime. He ultimately failed and would not see Prime again until after the war, on Earth. At some point after the Autobot's arrival on Earth, Megatron tasked him with protecting Energon deposits not yet ready to mind and was put in stasis.


It costs 400,000 energon coins to fire this weapon for twelve nanoclicks.

In present time Starscream (now leading) decided that he needed a strong presence among the troops so he chose to awaken Skyquake from his stasis, so that he could serve him as a powerful and loyal soldier. However, upon being asked to bow before Starscream, Skyquake asserted that he had only one true master: Megatron. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee arrived on the scene to investigate the energon reading and discover Skyquake. Optimus tried to reason with Skyquake and Starscream, in order to make peace, but Skyquake not only pushed and punched Starscream aside, but decided to follow his master's ancient command to destroy Prime instead.


Bumblebee damages Skyquake

Due to his lack of an altmode, Skyquake was trapped in the canyon that he woke in, which provided the Autobots with a small advantage. They managed to trap Skyquake in a corner and heavily damaged him but the advantage was soon lost to them when Agent Fowler in his experimental military jet flew over to investigate and allowed Skyquake to scan it, gaining air superiority. Skyquake's flight was short lived, however, as Bumblebee was able to board him and tear out crucial components sending Skyquake plummeting to the ground killing the Decepticon. Afterwards, Prime lamented that had Skyquake differed from his master's path, than they would not be burying him today. Masters & Students Skyquake's brother Dreadwing sensed his demise and set out to avenge his lost brother Loose Cannons



Skyquake was later revived in the form of a Terrorcon by Starscream as an attempt to create a new undead army. However, Skyquake was transported to another dimension by the dueling energy of two ground bridges. He then chased after the children, who were also transported there. When the children used the missile on Starscream's detached arm, to attack Skyquake, his arm was blown completely off. Skyquake's arm then began to chase after the children on its own. When a ground bridge was used to transport the children and Skyquake's pursuing arm, back to their original dimension and ironically attacking Starscream, Skyquake was left in the alternate dimension.



Megatron wasn't very happy about Starscream using the Dark Energon shard extracted from his chest to revive Skyquake among other things Shadowzone

Eventually, Skyquake's brother Dreadwing arrived on Earth and after finding the confirmation he sought, he vowed revenge on the Autobots. Optimus then tried to talk sense into Dreadwing, as he did to Skyquake, but to no avail. When Dreadwing was trapped, he stated that he would sacrifice himself to avenge Skyquake, but Prime made him see reason. Loose Cannons


  • Skyquake (Powerizer, 2012)

Accesories: Light-up chaingun

A new mold for the Robots in Disguise sub-brand. He turns into a green jet and has clear red-orange parts which would (theorectically) be illuminated by the laser light in his chaingun


  • It was not explained why Skyquake couldn't have used his Cybertronian altmode and had to scan a new one.
    • However this trend would continue for most characters (apart from Optimus and Soundwave).
  • Skyquake is a rare example of a Transformer dying from crashing-landing.
  • He is also the first Transformer in Prime whose weapon is not attached to them. While most have blades and blasters attached to their arms, his weapon, a chain gun, is handheld.
    • Unfortunately, it is not a Chain Gun of Doom.
    • It is also the only Transformer weapon seen thus far to fire bullets rather than lasers.
  • Skyquake's weapon resembles the X12 Scrapmaker.
  • Prime producer Jeff Kline claimed that when they kill a character, the character stays killed. He wasn't exactly lying: Skyquake reappears, but only as a shambling zombie. He doesn't even get lines, except for groans and moans.
  • Coincidentally, both Skyquake and Dreadwing were introduced in the 6th episode of their respective seasons.
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