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Skyquake is a Decepticon in the Generation One continuity family.

Taste the painbow.

Skyquake is the leader of the Predators with a complete and utter hatred for anybody who even barely dips into the side of good. That rage, however, does not blind or control him. In battle, Skyquake is a cold, calculating destroyer, attributes which also even apply to his contempt for the Autobots. When he locks together with the smaller Predators under his command, he magnifies his long-range supersight abilities and enables instant communication with the minds of his underlings.

It's currently unknown what is up with his paint job. Theories range from malfunctioning optical sensors to never seeing his own reflection.

Alternate European name: Crash
French name (Canada): Aéroséisme


Toy catalogue comic

"Troops! Prepare for action! EVIL action!"

During a Decepticon Predator attack on the Autobot base, Skyquake gazed into his Supersight as he was about to join the battle. Suddenly, into his Supersight view looms a menacing shape that strikes terror even into his hardened heart...

Presumably, Thunder Clash and Skyquake fought after this overly dramatic prose. Either him or Wheelie.

IDW comics continuity

He lurks silently to counter his loud color scheme.

Back before the war, Skyquake was part of Clench's inner-circle/gladiatorial team. Once Clench had, how shall we say, departed, he fought alongside Megatron in the Forge. Megatron Origin

During a campaign to take over planets where the Autobots had a foothold, Skyquake led an assault on the Garrus-9 detention facility on the planet Elba. To his surprise, Overlord arrived on Elba, demanding that Skyquake transfer leadership to him. When Skyquake refused, Overlord shot him in the back, killing him. Last Stand of the Wreckers


Generation One

  • Skyquake (Large Predator, 1992)
    • Accessories: Missile launcher, 14 missiles

Blue meanie. If the Blue Meanie was green.

Skyquake's aircraft alt-mode is similar to the Cobra Night Raven S3P recon stealthjet (which is based off the Lockheed SR-71 spyplane). His primary gimmick is the "Megavisor", a periscope system that the smaller Predator jets can attach to, showing their slides. Skyquake himself has two built-in slides; in jet mode an image of Rotorstorm can be viewed, while the robot mode picture showing the unmade Autobot Turbomaster Hyperdrive. Each wing also contains a "carpet bombing" gimmick, a rolling drum that drops the Predator-style missiles. This can also be targeted via the Megavisor; by twisting the small tail wings at the back, a mirror swings into a 45 degree angle. When you look through the eyepiece, you can then see directly down relative to the jet, enabling you to see where the bombs will land. He also has a standard Predator hand-held missile launcher, which mounts under his jet mode. One final gimmick is that the lever on his back in jet mode slides back and forth, retracting opaque panels over the louvered section; beneath is translucent coloured plastic 'solar panels'.
Skyquake was later redecoed to make Machine Wars Starscream and Universe King Atlas.


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