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The Autobots and Starscream stop, collaborate and listen to Jetfire, who is back with a brand new invention.

Transformers: Generation One vol. 3 > Issue #3
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Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Don Figueroa
Inks: Elaine To
Colors: Espen Grundetjern & Rob Ruffolo
Letters: Ben Lee


This first scene takes between the last and second-last scene of the last issue.


I don't believe in funny jokes about agnostics, but I will as soon as I hear one.

Within the Nemesis. Sunstorm struggles to free himself from a neck-hold in Jetfire's arms while spouting his evangelism. Performing a Stunner, Sunstorm escapes the hold to use his burning touch to incapacitate his opponent. But the attack doesn't work, causing Sunstorm to pause just long enough for Jetfire to use his leg-jets to push Sunstorm away. The two struggle until Jetfire is face-down, and Sunstorm prepares to finish Jetfire with his blasters, but he's caught off guard by Jetfire shooting head lasers. With Sunstorm down, Jetfire and Starscream leave while they can.

On board the Orion, Jetfire and Starscream confer with Brawn, Ratchet, and Bumblebee regarding the nature of Sunstorm and how he should be handled. Bumblebee shows a bit of skepticism which, with agitation from Starscream, almost causes a skirmish. Jetfire, however, cuts the hostilities and announces that he's deduced a manner of anticipating Sunstorm's destination.

On Cybertron, Prowl attempts to make an address to the public, but is overwhelmed by a barrage of citizens expressing their concerns over various issues. Magnus however, intervenes and uses his authority to provide diplomatic assistance. Afterwards, Prowl, Kup, and Ironhide reflect on the political changes to Cybertron and toss around the idea of leaving Cybertron to the civilians while the soldiers hunt down Decepticons elsewhere.

The Earth-Decepticons limp away from the Orion, partially refueled as part of a deal for Starscream's co-operation in recovering the other Autobots (defeated prior to #1) and taking care of Sunstorm. On board, Cliffjumper and Brawn debate against Bumper on the justice of the arrangement Bumblebee's made. Overhearing Brawn's side, Bumblebee loses some self-esteem.

Elsewhere on the ship, Starscream whines as Ratchet and Jetfire synthesize a device that will simulate Starscream's energy signature to misdirect Sunstorm. Jetfire is fascinated by Sunstorm's (a clone) self-repairing capabilities and his ability to manifest great power from a solar-powered fusion reactor without expiring. The plan is developed: get Sunstorm to over-exert himself and attach the artificial-Starscream to cancel his super-abilities. As soon as this plan is explained, Sunstorm is seen on radar heading towards the Orion.

Bumblebee takes a jet to confront Sunstorm, with three other Autobots wearing jetpacks. Jetfire protests the arrangement, saying that he should be in battle instead of remaining on the Orion to make sure Starscream doesn't misbehave. But soon after Bumblebee places the first hit against Sunstorm, Sunstorm is able to down Bumblebee's ship with a single blast. With the rest of the Autobots unable to fight, Jetfire abandons his duty and joins the combat.

With Jetfire on the scene, Sunstorm is brought crashing to the ground. Bumblebee takes the opportunity to attach the inhibitor on Sunstorm, who tries to resist the technology's interference. With his systems compromised, Sunstorm rockets away to recover. With Sunstorm down, Bumblebee considers the encounter a good job, while Jetfire, his armor disabled, still worries that Sunstorm could be a menace, so he activates his one last hidden card.

In Alaska, Starscream recovers in a cave, and the crippled Sunstorm comes begging for help. But before Starscream can do anything, part of the mountain is collapsed by ...


"Heh, it looks like you caught an electro stringer right in the kisser. Your vocal processors were stuck in neutral!"
—Ironhide, political commentator.

"Prowl, most'a those empties are still livin' in the past. They're just afraid of too much change too fast…. That's all."

"Foolish Starscream. Don't you realize that my hands aren't the only way…
That I am about to touch you?"

Items of note

Getsuei question


  • Most of the crowd listening to Prowl's address are Generation 2 or Japanese-exclusive characters, such as Sonic Bomber, Axelerators, Multiforce, or the Trainbots (right).
  • Jetfire is seen in a new design that combines elements from both his cartoon/comic look and his original toy, similar to the designs seen for Dreamwave iterations of most other characters. Jetfire's amalgam is more convoluted than most due to the wildly different looks of the source materials.
  • The name of the issue was borrowed from Jetfire's name on the original television series. This name is no longer used.
  • Starscream mentions that the Autobots, or at least Bumblebee, are/is (a) devout follower(s) of the Covenant of Primus.
  • Kup's consideration of taking the war off of Cybertron is reference to The War Within.
  • Bumblebee flies into battle in a jet almost identical to his Cybertronian alternate mode (first seen in the cartoon episode "More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1") and he wears a face-place making him appear slightly more similar to his G1 toy.
  • On the "Prime Transmissions" page, reader mail is answered by Editor-in-chief Roger Lee. There's also fan art of Predaking submitted by Steven Davis.
  • The Wavelengths page features an article from the desk of Joe Ng.
Kremzeek yum

Don't drink that! You have no idea where it's been!

  • Prowl and the old timers relax by drinking ... Kremzeek (right).

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