This article is about the Generation One Action Master. For the Cybertron-series Velocitronian Autobot, see Skyfall (Cybertron).

Skyfall is a promising young Autobot. He's very smart and an excellent engineer, and a born flier. To him, nothing in life can compare to soaring freely through the air, and even if you happen to catch him on the ground he's probably dreaming about flying. Skyfall earnestly dreams of becoming a great hero and having amazing adventures. It's usually up to his nagging (but intensely loyal) Targetmaster partner Top-Heavy to bring him back down to reality and make him focus on his job as weapons engineer.

Note: Skyfall's toy bio[1] contains the line: "Can change into anything from a construction crane to a can opener, then into a weapon in less time than it takes to plug in a phone jack." This could be a typo given its startling nature and its minor clash with the next sentence, which calls him a "former jet fighter." Removing the first "into" and the ", then" would create a new meaning that jibes very well with his weapons-engineer function. On the other hand, it says what it says, and Simon Furman has stated that if the Action Master storyline in the comics had continued, he planned to have Nucleon affect individual Transformers in lots of strange and different ways. It is possible that Skyfall's super-transformational abilities could have been a result of this.


Marvel Comics continuity

Skyfall was present when Primus was addressing the combined ranks of the Transformers, jostling with Krok over who got to stand nearest the stage. The Void Not long after, his remains were seen among the Autobots destroyed by Bludgeon's Decepticons on Klo. Not the most successful of careers, although he was probably revived by the Last Autobot anyway. End of the Road

IDW comics continuity

He got the credit for building the gun of Optimus Prime. For some reason, he never denied this. What a surprise. He also got stuck in the Decepticon jail Grindcore, before getting an assistant job at Kimia research, until he made an oops and forgot to properly test his products. Reassignment time!

"We're not going to make it!"
"Shut up, SHUT UP!"

Skyfall was among the personnel defending the Garrus-9 penitentiary from Banzaitron's assault. Spotlight: Arcee He came back to Kimia shortly after thanks to some firm petitioning. He was *cough* friends with Ironfist (who really DID design Prime's gun) and a bit spacy. 100 years in prison will do that to you. Oh yeah, he later killed his friend Ironfist, with Ironfist's own invention so it looked like Ironfist's own mistake. That's cold.

Note: Skyfall is not yet an Action Master in IDW continuity.


Generation One

  • Skyfall with Top-Heavy (Action Master, 1990)
    • Accessories: Top-Heavy partner, gun

Gun-DAMMIT! ...Sorry.

Skyfall is an Action Master and as such does not transform, though his design shows hints of a vehicle mode, likely a Cybertronic jet fighter similar in style to early Pretender robots such as Cloudburst, given the cockpit and vehicle details on his back. He is compatible with any Action Master weapon or vehicle. He came with his rhino-partner Top-Heavy.
(Note: Skyfall's design seems to be strongly inspired by the Japanese Gundam robot line, with maybe a little Generation One seeker mixed in.)


Yow, that's primary.

This, less primary.

  • Skyfall's color went through several alterations before production; his catalog photography shows him in different red and white colors. Apparently he was originally to be named Fireball, as shown in this catalog.
  • The 1990 boxback art features Skyfall in an even more different color scheme, blue and green. It's possible he was mistaken for Gutcruncher.

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