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Skydive is an Autobot from the video game portion of the live-action movie continuity family.

Surprise! A G1 homage!

Skydive is an Autobot that transforms into an F-22 Raptor! He looks kinda like some other guy they resembled.


Transformers: Autobots


Sure, that deco doesn't help disguise him, but let's be honest... how often are people going to see the top of a jet as it flies by?

Note: While standing in the video game aisle of their local Target store, owners of the Nintendo DS can direct-download a demo version of the Transformers: Autobots/Transformers: Decepticons video game. If the Nintendo DS has a Transformers: Autobots cartridge inserted, the screen will say "Character Unlocked," and henceforth the player will be able to select Skydive from the vehicle selection screen. He can also be unlocked by earning 2500 tokens in the AllSpark Wars online game. Unlike the other selections, Skydive's colors can not be customized.

Revenge of the Fallen: The Game

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Revenge of the Fallen: The Game


  • Superion (Combiner, 2009)


Skydive comes with the other Aerialbots in the Superion multi-pack. He has the same mold as Fireflight.


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