This article is about the Mini-Con jet from Energon. For the Mini-Con weapon from Armada, see Skyboom (Armada).

Skyboom is a Mini-Con in the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Taking on the name of another weapon? Yes. Inconsistency? Maybe.

Skyboom is a member of the Energon Saber Mini-Con Team. And... stuff.

Japanese name: Beam


Cartoon continuity

Dreamwave Comics continuity

Skyboom and the other Energon Saber Mini-Cons waited with Kicker Jones in the lower levels of Ocean City for the arrival of Sharkticon, who was making a rather sad attempt to silently infiltrate the city. The three Mini-Cons formed the Energon Saber, and in Kicker's hands, sent Sharkticon back into the briny deep. Perspective



  • Energon Saber (Basic, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SC-08
Skyboom is a retooling of the Armada Sonar mold, transforming into a Cybertronic shuttle. He can also form the hilt for the combined Energon Saber sword. He was only available in a Mini-Con three-pack with Scattor and Wreckage.
This mold was redecoed to make Lens and Cybertron Ramjet. The original version of this mold was also used to make Maverick.


  • Energon Saber (Basic, 2005)
The Energon Saber team was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!.


I have a name, you know.

  • Mini-Con (Booster, 2006)
Attacktix ID number: TF01
Faction: Autobot
Class: Trooper
Special: Attackback - 4/26 (15%) success ratio
Point Cost: 10
Base Speed: 4
Attack Type: Shooter (Small Missile)
The first assortment of Transformers Attacktix figures included a "generic" Mini-Con, based on Skyboom. Each Mini-Con figure has 3 points of articulation, including waist and shoulders; however, their shoulders move together due to their gun. One of the shortest, most squat Attacktix figures, the Mini-Con is very stable despite its small base.
Its Special Power, Attackback, allows a free move and attack for any of your in-play Autobot pieces. He's also an excellent support figure for Landmine, whose Shootback power allows up to three Mini-Cons to make a free attack.
This mold was intended to be redecoed into a Decepticon-allied piece (which received an official bio as Bunker-Buster), but this was ultimately unreleased.

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