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This article is about the combined form of the Race Team. For the Energon Saber Mini-Con member, see Skyboom (Energon).

The Skyboom shield is one of the three ultimate Mini-Con weapons from the Unicron Trilogy.

"Why do we look like a spaceship?"

Formed from the Race Team Mini-Cons Dirt Boss, Downshift and Mirage, the Skyboom shield is possibly the ultimate defensive force in the known universe. It is the only thing that can withstand the might of the Star Saber and Requiem Blaster weapons, but the full limits of all three have never been tested.

Japanese name: Cosmotector


Cartoon continuity[]


Skyboomshield stockfootage

"Super Special Awesome Sexy Transformation Sequence GO!!!"

The existence of the Skyboom Shield was first revealed by Scavenger to Megatron when the Decepticons manage to find a seemingly-unresponsive Mini-Con panel. Reputedly, the shield had the ability to resist the power of the mighty Star Saber sword. Overmatch

ArmadaMegs Starsaber Skyboom

"Uh-huh...that's right...who's laughing now? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!"

Soon afterwards, the Decepticons manage to secure the remaining Mini-Con Race Team members, and deploy the shield in battle. However to the surprise of both factions, when Sparkplug defends Optimus Prime, the Skyboom Shield in turn defends the Autobot leader against Megatron's Star Saber. The resulting blows by the sword against the shield unleash a beam of energy into deep space, similar to the Mini-Con signal that drew the Transformers to Earth. Decisive Battle

Afterwards, the Skyboom Shield remained in the possession of the Autobots and was entrusted in the care of Smokescreen. Smokescreen would fire the Shield from his shoulder mounted cannon in order to quickly transport it to a comrade in need.

Sideways tells Thrust that if the Desepticons acquired The Star Saber Sword the Skyboom Shield and the Requiem Blaster they could Combine their power into the Hydra Cannon.

After Starscream's Betrayal of the Autobots he stole the SkyBoom Shield from them.

Thrust creates the Hydra Cannon, Megatron planned to destroy Plannet Earth with it but Optimus Prime sacrificed himself to save Earth.

Later on Cybertron, Thrust Steals the Skyboom Shield and The Requiem Blaster and hands them over to Sideways.

Sideways connects The Skyboom Shield and the Requiem Blaster to Unicron's Heart.

The Mini-con Weapons free themselves from Unicron. Origin



  • Race Team (Mini-Con Team, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-05
The Skyboom shield is formed out of all three Race Team members. Downshift forms the top of the shield, Dirt Boss forms the middle of the shield, and Mirage forms the lower portion of the shield. There is a fold-out handle with a 5mm peg for compatible figures to hold in their fists. The shield can also be mounted on a Mini-Con peg via the Mini-Con Powerlinx port on the underside of Downshift.



The race team was released in a new deco pattern based on their second release. They were packaged in tiny tins with the first two waves of cybertron deluxes.


All three individual Race Team Mini-Cons were released as Tiny Tins in their original Armada colors under the Universe line.

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