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The name or term Skyblast refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Skyblast (disambiguation).

Skyblast is an Autobot in the Movie continuity family.

Skyblast (left) hates word balloons—canon!

Skyblast is an aerial daredevil. Feeling himself literally above all the others, he doesn't want people's friendship, but he will happily take their admiration. He corkscrews through the air easily, creating intricate patterns with his exhaust fumes while downing Decepticon fliers left and right.


Titan Magazines

As a recruit, Skyblast underwent training missions with Ironhide, said training being "attack that heavily armed Decepticon base!" Skyblast provided the covering fire for that one. Transformers Comic issue 5

He's gone up in the world since then - in the alternate reality where the Decepticons conquered Earth, Skyblast was seemingly the leader of the Autobot reinforcements hiding on the moon. He knew all they had going for them was the element of surprise - he didn't know the Decepticons knew about them Transformers Comic issue 9 until Starscream was right on top of them. Transformers Comic issue 10 He was unable to put up any fight and was almost speared by Scorponok, and the quicker-thinking Arcee took charge. Transformers Comic issue 11 Skyblast headed for his pre-designated target of Hoover Dam and in the resulting battle against Megatron, he was nearly killed until Optimus Prime stepped in. Transformers Comic issue 12

Aside from finding the All Spark fragment Transformers Comic issue 14, Skyblast's main contribution on Earth has been engaging in multiple battles to protect human sites and convoys from Decepticon attack. The fact the Autobots' are outnumbered is getting to him. Transformers Comic issue 16

IDW Comics continuity

Before the war, whilst Megatron was away in battle, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Prowl broke into Megatron's quarters to find out why he was behaving so strangely. Skyblast contacted Prowl to warn him that the battle was over and Megatron was returning to his quarters. Transformers: Defiance issue 3

Skyblast was part of a group of Autobots who decided to stay behind on Cybertron whilst a large group of their forces went searching for the All Spark. After Arcee returned he took part in a planned rescue to free a group of Autobots who has been captured and chained up to a replica of the All Spark. After Dreadwing rebelled against Starscream he followed Arcee's group and attempted to lay down some cover fire, however he quickly became engaged in a dogfight with Divebomb. Soon after he dueled him in a mid-air battle whilst in robot mode, however he was soon 'saved' by Starscream who, viewing traitors as worse than enemies, grabbed Divebomb by the neck and flew off with him. Soon after the battle was over and the Autobots had succeeded with their mission. Reign of Starscream issue 5


Transformers (2007)

  • Skyblast (Scout, 2007)
A redeco of the Energon Skyblast mold, Skyblast transforms into a Cybertronic starfighter. He comes with multiple accessories that can attach to his jet mode for rocket-boosters and an underslung cannon. In robot mode, these parts re-assemble to form a giant spear.
This mold was also used to make his fellow movieverse Autobot Air Raid.
Skyblast is part of the second assortment of Target-stores exclusive Scouts.


  • The stock photography for Skyblast in robot mode shows his nosecone in a configuration that is impossible without removing it and re-attaching it; pointed backwards off of his head with the cockpit towards the sky.

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