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Sky Shadow is a Predacon statesman, beloved by his constituents, which is no mean feat considering the assortment of sociopaths present in the faction, and the fact he hates them all.

Italian name: Locusta


IDW Beast Wars comics

Sky Shadow was one of the protoforms on Earth reprogrammed into Predacons by Magmatron. He was sent to search for Razorbeast and his team of Maximals from the air by the recently revived Ravage. It was Sky Shadow who discovered the Maximals' lair. He and the Predacons participated in the battle that ensued. After being beaten by the Maximals and their newly arrived reinforcements, Sky Shadow presumably retreated along with the other Predacons.


Beast Wars

  • Sky Shadow (Deluxe Fuzor, 1996)
Sky Shadow transforms from robot mode into an iguana/dragonfly fusion. His beast mode tail (which forms his robot head) contains a pressure-launch missile. His flapping-wing gimmick becomes a snapping-claw attack in robot mode. While many fans assume that his left hand is simply formed by his beast-mode head, he in fact has a three-clawed "hand" on his forearm revealed by pushing the beast-head back. He can't actually hold anything, but it's clearly meant to be a hand of some variety.
This mold was also used to make Drancron.


  • Cybertron Jetfire uses the alias "Sky Shadow" when going undercover as a Decepticon, and took the name from a strategist during that continuity's Beast Wars. Or maybe it WAS this Sky Shadow, from the Beast Wars we know and love. With the Unicron Singularity, all things are possible.
  • Sky Shadow's face shares a great resemblance with that of the Xenomorph from Alien franchise.

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