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The name or term Sky Lynx refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Sky Lynx (disambiguation).

Sky Lynx is the unbelievably talented, unsurpassably skilled and altogether magnificent robot behind most of the greatest and most adventurous and daring moments in all of Autobot history. At least, if anyone asks him, that is. Not that he is not a skilled, fast and powerful warrior, well deserving of his rank as Lieutenant Commander, but he most certainly is all those things. He is just a rather bit too eager to tell anybody about it at length. However, his superiors recognize his undeniable skill and tolerate his ego. Springer has nicknamed him "Commander Modesty".

"Before you do anything, think, 'Is this what Sky Lynx would do in my position?', and you will not go far wrong."
―Sky Lynx[["Call of the Primitives"| [src]]]

"Have no fear! Once again I will save the day!"
―Sky Lynx[["Grimlock's New Brain"| [src]]]

Italian name: Argon



Cartoon continuity[]

Voice actor: Aron Kincaid (USA), Kōji Totani (Japan)
FFoD Part5 SkyLynx kicksass

"I am Sky Lynx, king of kings! Look on my trouncing of Decepti-cads, ye mighty, and despair!"

Sky Lynx made his fantastic debut when he selflessly risked his own life to save three vastly inferior specimens. Shortly after this, his peerless battle prowess was needed to fight off some ruffians. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Chaos SkyLynx liftoff

"Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a lynx! It's Sky Lynx!"

When the Autobots investigated into the destruction of a provincial human law enforcement space station, Sky Lynx deigned to flawlessly transport a doddering old fool, that speech impaired imbecile, a hyperactive chatterbox and his friends to the filthy planet Goo. During the course of this investigation, Sky Lynx was forced to save his comrades from several inferior opponents, including a pale imitation of himself, a mere hooligan, and those ruffians he encountered earlier on Io. Did they not learn their last painful lesson in humility? Chaos

Chaos SkyLynx dodgecrystals

"I warned ya, bird-bot! I warned ya about them cosmic rays!"
"Oh, hush, Grimm. I'm already fantastic."

Upon the discovery of dinosaur transform static at the scene of Fort Knox's apparent theft, Sky Lynx was forced to endure a humiliating trial in Metroplex's ill-conceived kangaroo court, merely because, as that unrefined, multi-gunned cowboy put it, Sky Lynx had dinosaur electrons in his body. Be that as it may, did he have to be lumped together with such unsuitable company when he could be effortlessly tracking down and bringing the real culprit to justice? Thief in the Night

BigBroadcast SkyLynx rescue Superion

"And that is why I am far superior to the Aerialbots. Including you, Slingshot." "LIES!"

During a journey to through the Junkion sector, Sky Lynx came under attack by another pretender to the shuttle throne. The two proceeded to engage in combat, until both were fired upon by the Junkions. Though the Junkions posed no threat to one of Sky Lynx's skill, he recognized that their actions were out of place, and sped with all possible haste back to Cybertron, informing Rodimus Prime of their out-of-character actions. Despite acknowledging his "ace work", Rodimus, for some reason, dispatched those uncouth flyboys to investigate. However, Sky Lynx proved his undeniable talents by rescuing their combined form from imminent destruction. The Big Broadcast of 2006

CallofthePrimitives SkyLynx ruetheday

"My leading role in this episode was enough to make it the prettiest in the whole series."

Later still, during a skirmish on Earth's Moon, superior forces arrived to save the Autobots in the form of Sky Lynx, though the brutish Trypticon dared challenge him. However, before Sky Lynx could deliver what would have likely been a stunning finishing blow, the other vulgars were spirited drawn away from the battle by a voice in the distance. For some reason, his magnificence was included in this motley crew and was even forced to voyage with them to the far reaches of space, a sojurn they surely could not have made themselves without Sky Lynx's intellect and sense of direction. Upon landing, Sky Lynx took command of that ill-tempered, uncivilized group of evolutionary throwbacks and directed them in a proper manner, a task which nearly exceeded his incredible skill. However, upon finding the caller, the fool had the audacity to call him Primitive! Can you imagine? Unfortunately for Sky Lynx, the menace Tornedron was too much even for him. Call of the Primitives

In one of his most successful endeavours, Sky Lynx's unquestioned skills were called into play yet again when Rodimus Prime required a Quintesson during the Hate Plague crisis. With his customary flair and talent, not to mention amazing speed, Sky Lynx located and retrieved one, who subsequently restored Optimus Prime to life. Jolly good show! Just as Sky Lynx hoped, Optimus Prime knew how to stop the Hate Plague. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

Marvel Comics continuity[]


The wonderful thing about Sky Lynx / Is he is a wonderful thing! / His top is made out of rubber / His bottom is made out of springs!

Sky Lynx's old chum Wheeljack, who was no stranger to his brilliance, called upon him to join the Autobots on Earth, where Grimlock's less than stellar performance as Autobot leader threatened to doom them all! (The uncouth Dinobot was overly obsessed with catching the rogue Autobot, Blaster.) Upon the venerable Sky Lynx's arrival, Wheeljack requested that he put his considerable skills on temporary hold. What a waste of his immeasurable potential! Before too long, thankfully, Sky Lynx was at last called into action! After Grimlock tossed some juvenile humanoids out the airlock of the Ark into space (for "conspiring" with Blaster), Sky Lynx, with utmost aplomb, rescued them, and put to use his finest displays of agility evading those mongrel Dinobots. Indeed, Sky Lynx's feats were subverted only by the actions of another. To wit: While Sky Lynx was surrounded (which posed no true disadvantage to the ever-resourceful paragon), Blaster turned himself in to Grimlock in exchange for the guaranteed safety of Sky Lynx's young charges. Spacehikers!


I'm off to outer space / Protecting Autobots / To save annoying kids / I am Sky Lynx!

However, before speedily returning the kids to their home, Sky Lynx took them to a traveling space carnival. As they had no money to pay for tickets, Sky Lynx charitably agreed to work for the carnival, while the kids were taken care of. Unfortunately, the fine print in the magnificent Autobot's contract made all of them unwilling guests of the wretched carnival. Before Sky Lynx could effect a no-doubt-brilliant escape plan, Optimus Prime and the Powermasters passed by and rescued the group, saving Sky Lynx the indignity of facing down such unworthy foes as a Gilashark and Rorza, the Rocket-cycle Racer from Rigel III. The Cosmic Carnival!

Sky Lynx then returned the Spacehikers to Earth with flair and dispatch. The humans, however, seemed impervious to his charm, and drove him away from Earth again with thrown produce and such. Monstercon from Mars!

Some time later, the Mecannibals, through an unfair deception, managed to capture the magnificent Sky Lynx. While they did admit to his wondrousness, they unfortunately considered him wondrously tasty. Luckily, Landmine and Cloudburst happened upon the impending banquet, and assisted in Sky Lynx's escape. Guess Who the Mecannibals are Having for Dinner?


"Yes, one day you two can tell your children how you were defeated by the incredible Sky Lynx."

When those selfsame Pretenders later found themselves harried by Darkwing and Dreadwind, the noble Sky Lynx showed up to repay his debt, easily dispatching the Decepticon Powermasters. He then explained to the Autobots that Hi-Test and Throttle were the binary-bonded partners of the Decepticons. (Which, really, they should have been able to figure out for themselves.) The ever-helpful Sky Lynx then held the Nebulans hostage while the Pretenders blackmailed the Mecannibals into reconstituting all their former victims. Having once again saved the day, Sky Lynx flew off into the sunset, and a shining place in history. Recipe for Disaster!

Dreamwave comics continuity[]

G1DW SkyLynx sporting

It tickles!

Sky Lynx found himself embarrassingly captured by the Decepticons under that small and irritating little flyboy and his band of merry miscreants, as, of all things, a punching bag for their training! Far be it for him to refuse combat, but did these fools not realize they were up against the mighty Sky Lynx, even with the Decepticon energy dampeners in effect? Sportingly, the Autobot lieutenant commander warned Starscream that it was hardly a fair match, which the Decepticon, for some reason, misinterpreted to mean that it was not fair to Sky Lynx.

Taking advantage of Starscream's gross overconfidence, Sky Lynx tipped the scales further in his favour by splitting in half into his separate lynx and dinosaur modes, then soundly thrashing the pitiful Combaticons before the shocked Starscream reactivated the energy dampners.

Naturally, Sky Lynx's personal punching bag Predaking only appeared after his magnificence was offline, which is just typical, really. The Route of All Evil

War for Cybertron trilogy[]

Chapter 2: Earthrise[]

Many years ago, Sky Lynx confronts Alpha Trion, claiming that he is worthy of the Matrix. Trion explains that whoever the Matrix chooses as the next Prime will need more than brute strength and arrogance. Real power is earned. Sky Lynx charges towards Trion, who banishes him to the Dead Universe.

Present day, the Autobots find themselves stranded in the Dead Universe. Sky Lynx then begins talking to them. He reveals that he can hear all. Sky Lynx asks if Optimus is worthy of such power. It doesn’t take him long to realize that Optimus is far more worthy than he ever was. Optimus then reveals how they’re searching for the AllSpark he sent away in order to stop Megatron. Sky Lynx reveals that he has also been fighting a greater war but with himself.

Sky Lynx explains that the Dead Universe is vast and desolate. He’s been stranded with nothing but his own thoughts. Surrounded by nothing, all that was left was for Sky Lynx to examine himself. Sky Lynx has not only been allowed to find his full potential, he’s also learned of his insignificance. He no longer desires the Matrix. However, Optimus’ arrival has brought him a chance at redemption.

Sky Lynx wishes to help Optimus return home, but he asks that Optimus take him with. Optimus recalls that Alpha Trion believed that everyone had the right at redemption. While Sky Lynx doesn’t have the power to leave, he claims that Optimus and the Matrix do possess such power. Optimus must focus his mind and master the discipline it took Sky Lynx cycles to understand. If he does that, he can lead them to the Allspark and far beyond. In order to master this reality, he must learn to control the chaos within himself, which derives from his great many loss and his greatest fears. Optimus must become one with the Matrix or else he’ll never escape the Dead Universe.

Optimus agrees to bring Sky Lynx back with him. Sky Lynx then tells Optimus that he must commune with the Primes and unleash the power of the Matrix to free them from the Dead Universe. Megatron then unleashes a blast of energy directed at the Ark. Sky Lynx sacrifices himself, intercepting the blast, thus allowing for Optimus to escape on the Ark. Episode 5 (Earthrise)


Generation One[]

  • Sky Lynx (Motorized Space Shuttle, 1986, 2008)
G1SkyLynx toy

Part panther, part bird, part danger, all applesauce.

Sky Lynx transforms from a space shuttle with an underslung cargo pod into a large hybrid beast. His shuttle and pod portions can split up; the shuttle grows legs to become a large Archaeopteryx, while the cargo pod grows a head and tail to become a lynx. The cargo pod section has a battery-powered motor that rolls him along in cargo mode and activates a slow, ungainly walking action in lynx/lower-body mode. The shuttle also has an opening cargo bay, though there is no room to store anything in it. Even though it fails to capture his magnificence fully, it is still the apex of toy technology.

Unlikely as it may seem that anything could improve upon the perfection of this design, there were two different versions of this toy, released a year apart. On the first version, the rear thruster panel was connected to the body by a basic hinged piece. The second release modified this hinge so the panel could extend out from the body slightly, allowing a little more room for opening the panel and extending the tail.

Unusually for a toy of his size, he has no other accessories packaged with him. But then again, why add to something that is already perfect?

In February 2008, Takara's Encore line of reissues had the glorious honor of re-releasing Sky Lynx. This was the first time that this masterpiece of a toy was sold in Japan.


  • The true nature of Sky Lynx's transformation remains a mystery even to those intrepid souls who endeavor in that most worthwhile task of chronicling his many laudable adventures. In the Marvel Comics, for example, Sky Lynx does not split into two beast modes; rather, he seems to be a Triple Changer of sorts who has a shuttle mode, a lynx mode, and a bird mode (which sometimes retains the four-legged undercarriage Spacehikers! and sometimes does not The Cosmic Carnival). While some might see these as "inconsistencies", Sky Lynx's design is grand enough to encompass all such possibilities, so these alternate depictions of his transformation disturb him not in the least.
  • Though it chafes the magnificent Sky Lynx to share an origin with the ungainly (if powerful) Omega Supreme, both were originally sold by a company known as Toy Box, from whom Hasbro licensed the designs for sale as Transformers. As with Jetfire and the Deluxe Insecticons, this meant it could not be sold as a Transformers toy in Japan, since Takara didn't want to promote its competition's toys. Thus was Japan unable to experience Sky Lynx's full grandeur—but such glory could not be denied forever. Sure enough, when Takara merged with former competitor Tomy, the situation changed. After the merger, an especially perspicacious member of the TF development team spotted a "shuttle dinosaur" development code name among the molds listed in Tomy's possession. Soon, the truth of Sky Lynx's esteemed lineage emerged: Toy Box was not the original equipment manufacturer, but rather, it had requested that Tomy develop the Sky Lynx design on its behalf. (Such outsourced design and mold development was not uncommon in the Japanese toy market at the time.) This unsung hero of a developer called attention to the fact, helping initiate the process for issuing Sky Lynx as a Japanese Transformers toy for the first time ever. Had the situation moved a bit more slowly, the molds might have been lost forever—a tragedy of such magnitude, it scarcely bears consideration.[1]
  • The combined form of his two transformed components could be interpreted as a Griffon.


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