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Specifics: Toy
Sky Garry is an Autobot from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Sky Garry (スカイギャリー Sukaigyarī?) is Star Convoy's right-hand man and the upgraded version of Star Saber. He has a great respect for the legendary Autobot Supreme Commander and was the one who brought Star Convoy back from the dead. It is creepy.

He can combine with Star Convoy and Grandus in vehicle mode to form the Triple Combination Battlestar Attack.

His Micromaster partner is Shotbomber.

Early Production Name: Star Garry


The Battlestars

To counter the threat of Dark Nova, the Autobots formed an elite sub-group known as the Battlestars. Their mission was to revive Optimus Prime so that he might thwart Dark Nova. Sky Garry received the Zodiac from Dai Atlas and was inaugurated as temporary Autobot Supreme Commander, at least until Prime was one his feet again.

Sky Garry, Star Convoy and Grandus inside Star Giant's tummy.

Aware of the mission of the Battlestars, Dark Nova brought Optimus Prime's body back to life without a spark as the evil False Convoy. After False Convoy's defeat, Sky Garry rescued the fallen Supreme Commander's corpse from the Great Novaroid forces. Using the power of the Zodiac, Sky Garry brought Optimus Prime back to life and upgraded him into Star Convoy.

Bad touch

Along with Grandus, the trio fought against the newly resurrected Super Megatron and his Great Galaman warriors. At the finale of the series, Star Convoy, Sky Garry and Grandus traveled inside the body of Star Giant and tore the all-powerful monster to pieces from the inside out. They managed to escape the villain just as he exploded, killing Dark Nova for good... though the portion of Star Giant that was composed of Megatron flew free, allowing the Decepticon leader to survive and haunt his rival again.

3H Wreckers/Universe comics

Sky Garry appeared in vehicle mode, serving as the shuttle that the Autobots (sans Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie), used to escape a horde of Nightbirds. Departure


Return of Convoy

  • Sky Garry (Autobot, 1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-360
    • Accessories: Two guns, ramp, Micro Trailer #0
Sky Garry transforms into a Cybertronic starship with landing skids. His middle section is expandible, allowing him to carry up to three Micro Trailers, though he only comes with one. His trailer is labeled #0. His third mode is a Micromaster base, unique in that it is a large tower. In this mode Sky Garry can also unite with up to three Micro Trailers, or with Sonic Bomber, or with any other Micromaster base using his ramp. The ramp was the same one used by Skyhopper and Groundshaker to connect to other bases.
Sky Garry's sticker sheet contained a phenomenal 65 decals -- not including the 4 optional star decals that could could apply anywhere on the Battlestars. Only 5 of those decals were for Shotbomber, 5 more were for the Micro Trailer, the other 50 were applied to Sky Garry. This gave Sky Garry 53 labels (including the three factory-applied ones), providing him much of his colour and detail.



  • Sky Garry's mold was redecoed into the evil "Death Garrygun" mecha for Takara's Brave of Gold Goldran series. This version came with three carriers, but all of the launching mechanisms were removed from them. This was just one of several late-series Transformers molds recycled for a Brave toyline.
  • The word "Garry" isn't an English word, prompting fans to wonder what it's supposed to mean. Sadly, in the end, no one really knows...
One theory is that Sky Garry's name is a misspelling of "Sky Carry". There is some support for this theory: First, the difference in Japanese between the Katakana for the "Ca" sound and for the "Ga" sound is just two tiny lines. Second, "Garry" is a commonly used suffix in Japanese names for transforming robots that transport ("carry") other robots or vehicles. The criticism of this theory is that while bad transliterations (i.e. the word is spelled right in Japanese, just converted to English wrong) are fairly common in Japanese names, Katakana misspellings of the Japanese words are much less common. Thus, it seems somewhat unlikely that decades of Japanese robots using the name "Garry" are simply misspelling it.
Another theory is that Garry is short for "Garrison". The support for this theory is that Japanese versions of English words are often shortened versions, such as the Japanese word "Ice" used for "Ice Cream". However, "Garrison" seems like a poorer description than "Carry" for the transportation robots that are generally named "Garry" in Japan.
The most obscure theory is that Garry is a mistransliteration of Galley, which is a type of ancient war ship. The advantage that this theory has over the "Carry" theory is that "Galley" and "Garry" have the same Japanese Katakana spelling. This means that it would be a bad transliteration, like "Minelba" vs. "Minerva", which is much more common than an incorrect Katakana spelling. However, like the "Garrison" theory, "Galley" is criticized for not being as good a descriptor of the transportation robots (both ground and air types) that are named "Garry".
  • In the mid to late-1990s, Sky Garry was one of the most commonly bootlegged Transformers, appearing in several different sizes. Most of them were carded and of poor quality. The carded ones are notable for their extra chrome pieces and separating legs. There was also a bootleg Sky Garry in box packaging from another manufacturer, which saw release at Toys R Us in the mid-1990s. The boxed bootleg was of surprisingly high quality.

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