The Sky Claw is Smokescreen's answer to Predacon air superiority.



  • Sky Claw with Smokescreen (Cyberverse Vehicle, 2013)
Part of the first wave of Prime: Beast Hunters Cyberverse Vehicles, the Sky Claw is a blue and yellow jet that includes a similarly-colored redeco of Legion Class Smokescreen. In its "stealth fighter" configuration, the jet features an opening cockpit which can hold a single Legion class figure (maybe a Commander, but you'd really have to cram it in), adjustable upper wings and fins, and rolling landing gear.
The vehicle is designed around an auto-transformation gimmick: sliding back a lever at the rear of the jet causes two jet engines to swing forward and outward and deploys a large yellow claw under the nose, turning it into an "assault fighter." In this configuration, the left engine is revealed to be a triple-barrel "marble shooter" style missile launcher, which automatically fires when rotated, evoking a Gatling gun. A flip-up set of handlebars allows this weapon to be stood on and manned by any Cyberverse figure. The right engine can be further auto-transformed by lifting a panel on top and flipping it backwards, converting it into a gunnery station with a single missile launcher and a complex "seat" able to accommodate most Cyberverse figures (though those with large feet may have trouble). The claw is spring-loaded and, if opened to a width less than 180 degrees, snaps shut. Opening it further disables the spring and causes a small gray gun barrel to emerge; pressing hard on this will make the claws swing out and close, making an effective "capture" function.
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