260px-IDWRID4 Skullcruncher

Skullcruncher is a tubby, purple and green crocodilian Decepticon who is shorter and less intelligent than fellow Cybercomrade Sect member Razorgrille. He has the tendency to forget things rather quickly, much to the frustration of Razorgrille. The pair were dispatched on a supply mission together by Overhead after they escaped captivity on Earth.


Robots in Disguise comic issue 4

Skullcruncher was among the Decepticons imprisoned aboard the Alchemor, and was freed when the ship crashed on Earth. He and Razorgrille found themselves worked as henchbots to Sect leader Overhead as she attempted to build a space bridge. After the pair return to their hideout in the Petrosynthesis Chemical Plant, Skullcruncher encountered someone who claimed to be a fellow Sect member — unfortunately after hugging the newcomer and blabbing that there were only three Decepticons in his group, Skullcruncher had it pointed out to him by Razorgrille that the newcomer might not actually be a Sect member. Indeed, it was Sideswipe and the pair were shortly afterwards attacked by Autobots. The pair returned to their base where Overhead tried to set the space bridge to self destruct, nearly sucking Skullcruncher and Razorgrille in in the process. In the aftermath, the pair were captured, placed in stasis pods and returned to Cybertron on Ultra Magnus's ship.

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