Violen Jygar is a Decepticon Emperor of Destruction from the Transformers Zone portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.


Violen Jygar (バイオレンジャイガー, ba-i-o-re-n-ja-i-gaa) is a supernatural being born from the culmination of many angry Decepticon souls. He has three faces, all of them hideous and malformed and demony. He is apparently capable of separating into three enormous, insect-like creatures: Vion, Lenja and Igarn. After the demise of Deathsaurus, he became the New Decepticon Emperor[1]. Violen Jygar's supernatural powers give him the ability to resurrect dead Decepticons, give them enhanced powers and even make them grow in size.

(Note: there is no proper English translation of Violen Jygar's name, as no Zone media has ever been officially released in the West. His name has been interpretted as "Violent Jiger", "Violent Chigger", "Violen Jig-er", "Violin Juggler", "Bio Ranger Iga", "Valium Chugger", and "Crazy Engrish Fun-Man". "Violen Jygar" is just a version which feels "right" when you say it aloud, as the spelling most closely mimicks the Japanese pronunciaton.)


Zone OVA, manga and story pages

Voice actor: Daisuke Gōri (Japan)


The Three Faces of Dorkness.

Violen Jygar's first act was to gather the Nine Great Demon Generals from Decepticon history; Bruticus, Predaking, Abominus, Menasor, King Poseidon, Devastator, Black Zarak, Trypticon and Overlord. He ordered his Decepticon Generals to lay waste to Planet Feminia, completely destroying the world and nearly killing Victory Saber in the process.

He then ordered his Generals attack the Autobot headquarters on Planet Zone and steal their Energon Z, a powerful new energy-source. Following that, his greatest ambition was to obtain the Zodiac, a primordial orb which supposedly birthed all life in the known universe.

Violen Jygar was eventually destroyed in battle by Big Powered, the combined form of Dai Atlas, Sonic Bomber and Road Fire.


  1. Violen Jygar has at least two titles: TV Magazine referred to him as 最強大帝, saikyou taitei - Strongest Emperor, while the Zone OVA itself called him 新破壊大帝, shin hakai taitei - New Emperor of Destruction.
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