RIDGame Skrapnel

Skrapnel is a lumbering brute of a Decepticon who likes walking up to his enemies and thumping them.


Robots in Disguise mobile game

Skrapnel was one of the Decepticons aboard the Alchemor and was freed by Steeljaw. Using a cloning process, a small army of clones of Skrapnel and many of his fellow Decepticons were created to battle the Autobots. Skrapnel joined Underbite and a number of clones in overrunning Crown City, however the Autobots soon tracked them down, fighting their way through the clones and defeating Skrapnel. While Skrapnel presumably was stuck into a stasis pod, his clones continued to harass the Autobot until they managed to foil Steeljaw and Barrage's plan.


  • Skrapnel's name doesn't appear in the game itself, but was found by looking at the game files.
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