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This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Explosives expert Skinkbomb is a reptilian-themed Decepticon with the ability to detach his tail, which turns into a devastating bomb, adding to his arsenal of grenades and miscellaneous other explosive devices. He can later regrow the tail by consuming large amounts of metal and oil. Since arriving on Earth, he seems to have picked up mannerisms from human transmissions.


The Trials of Optimus Prime

Skinkbomb was arrested for "unauthorized demolitions" and imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crashed on Earth, he was freed along with a large number of other prisoners. Bumblebee's team of Autobots detected him lurking under Crown City Bridge, however he was able to initially keep them at bay by throwing grenades at them. When Bumblebee himself got distracted by a vision of Optimus Prime created by Liege Maximo, the Autobot was almost hit by one of Skinkbomb's explosives, only being saved by Sideswipe who took the brunt of the blast. When this resulted in an angry Bumblebee bearing down on Skinkbomb, the Decepticon armed and jettisoned his tail. In the resulting panic, he was able to escape.

He retired to a nearby quarry where he set about feeding on materials and growing a new tail. The Autobots caught up with him again, and during the fight, Skinkbomb and his foes heard the voice of Optimus Prime come from nowhere. Though Skinkbomb denied responsibility, he used it as a distraction to try to chow down on more metal and oil. The Autobots soon grabbed Skinkbomb and forcibly pulled his tail off, however it was already complete enough to be a live explosive, and they had to take cover. Unfortunately for Skinkbomb, this time Grimlock kept a firm grip on him, and he was soon safely stowed in a stasis pod. 

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