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The name or term Skids refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Skids (disambiguation).

"Robotic insecticide?"

-Skids in response to Bumblebee's report in "Quest for Survival".

Skids is a theoretician. This is appropriate, as some would say his existence is merely theoretical; everyone forgets who he is or that he was there. But if they got to know him, they'd learn that he likes to daydream, get built into furniture, and pick up cowboy chicks.

Italian name: Furetto ("Ferret")
Portuguese name (Brazil comic): Patins
Portuguese name (Portugal comic): Pe-de-cabra
French name (Canada): Platon (Plato. Yes, the philosopher.)
Hungarian name: Szán (Sledge)


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

We bet you can't.

In the event that the Ark's mission would require more manpower, Optimus Prime had several Autobots encode copies of their personalities as light patterns within crystals, including Skids. When a large number of Prime's troops were then injured during the opening volleys of the war on Earth, Prime arranged for the construction of new bodies, which the personalities were then programmed into, bringing Skids and the others to life "for a second time." Now in a new body that transformed into a blue van, Skids' first mission was to aid in preventing Shockwave from stealing sonic energy from a Brick Springstern concert, and he immediately took a liking to the music of Earth and the possibilities of what could be learned from interacting with mankind. Rock and Roll-Out!

This totally makes up for practically never showing up in the cartoon.

On the way to raid the Decepticon base, Skids accidentally clipped the car of hot-tempered Jake Dalrymple, who pursued the Autobots on their mission and distracted Skids just enough for Ravage to blast him off a cliff. Command Performances Lying crippled and unable to transform, Skids was shortly discovered by register girl Charlene, who, thinking he was an ordinary van, had him fixed up with the intent of keeping him for herself. Skids was open to the idea at first, preferring to live a peaceful life to that of a warrior, but after another bout of road rage with Dalrymple, the unearthly stunts he performed left him no option but to reveal his true nature of Charlene. A somewhat unusual relationship ensued between the two, but more trouble soon came Skids's way in the form of Donny Finkleberg, who was being hunted down by Ravage. Fleeing from the Decepticon with Charlene and Donny, Skids hid out at an abandoned mining town, but yet again, the raging Dalrymple tracked him down and shattered his windshield, knocking him unconscious and into a dream where he died through his refusal to attack Megatron and save Charlene. Reawakening, he engaged Ravage in battle again, finally finding the strength to act, and causing his foe to tumble down a mineshaft. Skids then parted ways with Charlene, having come to the realisation that their two roles in life were too different for their relationship to work out. Showdown!

Oh, hey, remember Skids?

Skids returned to the Ark with Finkleberg, and later embarked on a mission with him to track down a group of missing Autobots who had been captured by the Rapid Anti-robot Assault Team. Unfortunately, money still governed Finkleberg's actions, and he promptly sold out Skids to RAAT's leader Walter Barnett when Skids was deactivated for the night. Heavy Traffic! Skids was disassembled for study, but when the Decepticons Runabout and Runamuck appeared on Earth and began defacing landmarks, RAAT operative Circuit Breaker was forced to enter into a deal with the Autobots to stop them. Skids and the other Autobots' components were combined to form a jury-rigged robot that Circuit Breaker used to stop the Battlechargers, but in return for their co-operation, Skids and the Autobots were allowed to go free. Decepticon Graffiti!

On the return trip to the Ark, however, Skids was abruptly torn from reality when the future Decepticon Galvatron traveled back in time from 2006, shunting Skids into limbo to maintain temporal balance. Fallen Angel Skids remained in limbo for two years while Galvatron ran amok on Earth, his mind steadily succumbing to the dream-illusions created by the monstrous creatures native to the realm.

Note: Skids was removed from the active Autobots in the UK stories, but not the US ones. Hence, in the US comics he showed up to watch Blaster and Grimlock fight for Autobot leadership on the Moon, some time after Optimus Prime's death (which he was also around for). The UK printings of these stories tended to redraw Skids into a not-Skids robot, or black him out entirely.

And then he stole Crosscut's head


With Galvatron's eventual destruction during the Time Wars, Skids was finally returned to Earth, but he had spent too long in Limbo -- the limbo-creatures had succeeded in shaping a reality from his dreams, and the nightmarish monsters that he had imagined materialised on Earth with him. Fleeing from the beasts, who desired to merge with Skids so that they might become more powerful, Skids lured them into a nuclear power plant which he had planned to detonate, wiping out the monsters and himself, but the remnants of the Autobot Wreckers -- joined by Catilla and Carnivac of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad -- arrived to aid him, defeating the monsters. Skids joined with this group of Transformers, forming the Survivors. Survivors!

Later, when the new Mayhem Squad arrived on Earth to kill their former comrades, Skids joined the other Autobot Survivors in driving them off after they had attacked Carnivac, although they were too late to save Catilla. A Savage Place

Grimlock traveled to Hydrus Four to use Nucleon to revive the Dinobots. Returning to the Ark, he also pumped Nucleon into the med bays, reviving Skids and several others, and headed towards Cybertron. Grimlock used the Ark as a blunt instrument across Unicron's head, forcing Skids and the others to evacuate and join the battle against the Chaos Bringer. On the Edge of Extinction!


Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

When Carnivac ran off on his own to avenge Catilla's death, Skids and the other Survivors insisted Springer contact Grimlock and the Earthforce for back-up. Hooked up with these Autobot reinforcements, they stormed the Mayhem Attack Squad's tropical island base to save their friend. Skids personally confronted Octopunch in single combat, holding his own against the murderous Pretender. Where Wolf?

On a later mission for Earthforce, Skids and the Survivors protected an oil tanker from Starscream, while the rest of the Decepticons were trying to distract the Autobots with an all-out assault on their base. Undeterred by the sleight-of-hand, the Survivors caught up with Starscream in the Gulf of Mexico. Skids used a flying leap by Carnivac as a distraction to catch Starscream with his liquid nitrogen cannon, and then Inferno knocked the Decepticon commander into the drink. Divide and Conquer!

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Michael Chain & Dan Gilvezan (US), Keiichi Nanba (Japan)

Hoist, Prime, and Skids ogle Bumblebee's animation model.

Like many of the Autobots who first appeared in 1985, the exact circumstances behind Skids joining the original group of Earth-based Autobots remain unknown. Skids first appeared as part of a strike force (which also included Inferno, Tracks, Warpath, and Huffer) led by Smokescreen that was sent to stop the Insecticons from ravaging a human farm, only to meet with failure. Apparently injured in the battle, Skids underwent some repairs by Hoist upon return to Autobot Headquarters, where he responded incredulously to Bumblebee's report that he, Spike, and Cosmos had retrieved robotic insecticide from the planet Floron 3 to deal with the Insecticon threat. Quest for Survival

Later, Skids was part of a team sent to investigate bombs that were raining down on a city from a football stadium (the work of the Triple Changer Blitzwing). Blitzwing, however, had the stadium surrounded by a massive "Zone Defense" maze built by the Constructicons (adding to the football puns by saying "We'll head them off at the 10 yard line!"), and while attempting to traverse it, Skids crashed into Prowl and was driven over by tank-mode Blitzwing. Skids and the other Autobots' remains were then gathered by Scrapper, who built a throne for himself out of them. These Autobots were soon rescued by Smokescreen, who found his way through the maze thanks to Powerglide, and quickly rebuilt, and participated in the crises that ensued as Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Megatron and Devastator vied for Decepticon leadership. Following that skirmish, Prowl opined that Optimus Prime was the greatest leader in the universe, which prompted himself, Skids, Bluestreak and Tracks to form themselves into a throne for Prime; Prime refused to sit, saying that thrones were for Decepticons - he'd rather roll. Triple Takeover

Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

In the context of science, "theory" does not mean "guess" or "hunch," Rodimus. You should probably pay attention.

Skids was among the senior scientists (including Perceptor, Quickmix, and Rad) who questioned Rodimus Prime's plan to send out the best of the remaining Autobot science and research members to establish deep-space reconnaissance posts.

Dreamwave comics continuity

8.2 million years ago, Skids was in the Chamber of Ancients, observing the ceremony in which Optronix was given the Matrix of Leadership and transformed into Optimus Prime. Immediately, three Decepticon assassins attacked, and though Skids acted to protect the new Prime, his arm was cut off by Umbra.

Skids was repaired and he returned to his post at the Decagon. While Prime was absent, Skids picked up radar of incoming Decepticon invaders and a transmission from the force's field commander, Shockwave. Skids manned auto-defenses from inside the Decagon until they and their Omega Sentinel units were destroyed. Picking up their personal weaponry, Skids and the other Autobots were all that was left to defend Iacon, but defend it they did and Shockwave's forces were driven back. The War Within

During the Dark Ages, Skids served with Prowl's faction of Autobots. The team got involved in a skirmish with Trypticon and the giant Decepticon jumped onto a building in which Skids was trying to hide, crushing him. He survived though. The War Within: The Dark Ages

Skids was not among the Autobots who traveled to Earth aboard the Ark, remaining behind on Cybertron as the planet slipped into the deactivated state known as the Great Shutdown. When Shockwave began reactivating the planet and successfully unified the Autobot and Decepticon factions, Skids was a member of the council of Autobots who served to represent their faction in the alliance. Few of the council members were actually suited for leadership, however, and slowly found themselves giving more and more control to Shockwave. Eventually, the example shown by the Ark's returning crew and several homegrown Autobot insurgency cells tore the blinders from the council's optics, and Skids gathered his fellow councilmen in taking to the streets and ousting the Decepticons from power. Revelation Several council members would then accompany Prowl and the former Autobots of Earth back to that planet to construct Autobot City, and Skids may have been among them. Due to Dreamwave's self-destruction, we will never know.


Skids was the first of the Binaltech Autobots created simply with the intent of upgrading an existing, healthy Transformer, rather than in the name of repairing one that had been injured. Outfitted with self-repairing nanomechanical antibodies, Skids's body can, barring heavy damage in battle, theoretically function for thousands of years without maintenance. In both his original and new body, Skids dedicated time to studying the chronal warp on Dinobot Island, which gave rise to the Autobot strategy known as "Operation: Distant Thunder," a last-ditch scheme should the Decepticons tamper with the fabric of space-time. That horror occurred when Ravage used the Kronosphere to alter the timeline, and Skids prepared to initiate the plan and send Wheeljack's memory data back in time to avert the catastrophe.

The data probe was launched, but as the timeline was righting itself a Black Optimus Prime arrived, and manipulated the temporal wave to preserve the Binaltech timeline separate from the original continuity. Possessed by the Spark of the Protector, hailing from some future point in time, Black Optimus informed Skids and the others that their timeline was destined to produce great warriors capable of safeguarding the entire multiverse, and therefore must continue on its new course.


Generation One


Introducing the new Nikahimi Deathtrap. With its poly-cotton body shell, it's the fastest car in the world... to open with the jaws of life. The Nikahimi Deathtrap - the last car you'll ever drive.

  • Skids (Autobot, 1985/2004)
    • Accessories: "Liquid nitrogen rifle", "twin electron blaster", "rocket pod" launcher, 3 rockets
Skids's toy transforms into a blue Honda City Turbo with red stripes on the doors, similar to his vehicle mode in the show. His robot mode is similar to other hood-chest Autobot Transformers, but is unusual in the fact that his rear wheels fold into his feet, aiding in stability. Also unusual for Transformers figures, his hand weapons actually attach onto his forearms rather than being held in his fists. He is also armed with a spring-loaded rocket launcher.
Skids is one of the rarest mass-release G1 figures, as just one was included per every two shipping cases.
In 2004, both Takara and Hasbro reissued Skids as part of the Transformers Collection and Commemorative Series, respectively. The Takara version features a fully functional spring-loaded rocket launcher, whereas the Hasbro version has the launching spring removed.
This mold was retooled to make the e-Hobby Autobot Crosscut.


  • Skids & Sunstreaker vs Buzzsaw (Multi-pack, 1985)
    • Japanese IS number: VS-Z
In the original Japanese toyline, Skids was released only in a multi-pack with Sunstreaker and Buzzsaw. This box set remains a considerable rarity on the secondary market.


Not Ironhide.


  • Autobot Skids (2005)
    • Alternator ID number: 17
    • Japanese ID number: BT-16
    • Accessories: Engine-rifle
Skids transforms into a blue Toyota Scion xB. His robot mode is very reminiscent of his G1 toy, with his head sculpt based off his animation model with G1 toy details. His engine unfolds to become his gun.

Not Ratchet, either. Not to mention Soundwave.

The US Alternators release differs from the Japanese Binaltech release in that it has a much darker shade of blue, tinted windows, and various Scion-type tampographed flame decals. The Japanese release naturally has die cast metal parts, is painted a lighter shade of blue, has different paint decos, and includes a sheet of stickers, including flames resembling the ones printed on the Alternators version, as well as some G1-style red stripes, and most humorously, a Japanese "New Driver" badge.



  • Skids (3D Battle-Card, 2007)
A 26-point "common" character in the 3D Battle-Card Game's "Energon Wars" expansion, Skids "transforms" into a grey pickup truck of indeterminate make. He uses the same parts layout as movieverse Ironhide and Dropkick.


Suck it, Ironhide! This head was mine first!

  • Skids' animation model head appears to be based on early Diaclone promotional concept art. The toy's head would be different... and ultimately different from the Crosscut head shown in his instructions, which also popped up a few times in the UK comics.
  • Skids is noteworthy for his almost complete absence from the original television series. He had but two lines in two different episodes by two different voice actors.
  • His bad luck doesn't stop there. Though Skids had an issue all to himself in the Marvel Comics, he spent upwards of 100 (UK) issues abandoned and forgotten in limbo while parasites ate his brain.
  • Though Skids' toy turned into a Honda City Turbo, his car mode was often misinterpreted in Transformers fiction as one of the then-new minivans, despite the fact that a Honda City Turbo is a subcompact car, and as such, could theoretically be stowed in the back seat of an actual minivan. This is likely because most Americans in 1985 wouldn't know what a subcompact car is.
  • In the "Survivors" story, Skids was suddenly drawn with Crosscut's head. "Survivors"' artist, Dan Reed, previously drew him with his real head, so it'd be interesting to learn why and how this change happened. (He would later mysteriously regain his own face.)
  • In more recent years, toys sporting the name "Skids" have required an additional "Autobot" prefix for trademark reasons, hence making the official name "Autobot Skids".

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