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Sizzle is always looking for a race or a fight, or both. He's only happy when he's plunging into something risky. Whatever subprogram his control systems have that serves the purpose of adrenaline, Sizzle is addicted to it. Unfortunately, though he can usually be found in the thick of combat, Sizzle is only an average warrior.

His exhaust would be great for roasting hot dogs; better even than a standard-issue laser scalpel set on low-intensity scan.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Generation One


Stole Fizzle's colors while he was passed out drunk.

Sent to Earth to keep tabs on the super-Decepticon Galvatron, Sizzle and his fellow "Sparkler Mini-Bots" tracked him to Florida. They would've been all too happy to stay on land and wait for reinforcements from Cybertron once Galvatron dove beneath the waves, but ended up in conflict anyway, with their counterparts the Firecons. Sizzle ran in blind panic from the high-temperature flames being spewed by his opponents, lamenting about his lack of any sort of a weapon (remember this part, kids). Suddenly, in a flash of brilliant insight, he remembered that he could shoot flame too! Quickly taking advantage of this revelation, Sizzle began to actually fight back. He was doing okay until the object of both groups' attention, Galvatron, returned from the ocean waters and began to leave. With no regard to personal safety (or sanity), Sizzle decided to ignore his previous orders just to observe Galvatron and went ahead and thrust his gun threateningly in the face of the most powerful Transformer in the known worlds, before being backhanded into a grove of palm trees. That's right, his gun -- Sizzle probably had another flash of brilliant insight telling him to look at his hip holster, or something. Enemy Action

Realizing that maybe a few more cerebro-circuits were needed for this kind of work, the Sparklers decided to free Ultra Magnus from the volcano where he had been lying inactive for the past few months. After successfully sending Galvatron running in one fight, Ultra Magnus and the Sparklers returned to Cybertron to gather the Wreckers for a full-scale assault on the Decepticon. They got caught up with fighting zombies and gladiators for a while, though, and the Wreckers ended up going without them. Salvage City of Fear Deadly Games

Sizzle was next seen in a Decepticon prison with his comrades when he, Fizzle, and the Triggerbot Backstreet suddenly became qualified for a "work-release program". Sent back to Earth, they were used as running dogs for Scorponok to test out his new plan -- human bounty hunters armed with Decepticon technology and let loose to capture the Autobots for him. The plan worked TOO successfully, as these Roadjammers attempted to capture some Decepticons as well. In the end, Sizzle and his fellows Autobots helped the Roadjammers escape Decepticon retribution. Afterward, they presumably either returned to Cybertron or made contact with the Ark. Ca$h and Car-nage

IDW Comics continuity

SpotlightKup Sizzle


Sizzle was one of the Autobots working under Springer and Perceptor on the mission to retrieve the unstable Autobot, Kup. Lucky for him Trailbreaker showed up when he did, otherwise Springer would've probably thrown him into the next suicide mission. Spotlight: Kup


Generation One

  • Sizzle (Sparkabot, 1988)
G1 Sparkabot Sizzle toy

I'm black! (transforms) OR AM I!?!

Sizzle transforms into a black funny car with silver paint decos for his windows, exhaust and engine. As a Sparkabot, in this mode he has a friction-motor gimmick that not only propels his vehicle mode forward, but causes "cold" sparks to shoot from his back end. His robot mode is rather monochromatic as it is almost entirely red.
This mold was also used to make Hotspark.

Generation 2

  • Sizzle (Sparkabot, 1994)
G2 Sparkabot Sizzle toy

I'm green! (transforms) OR AM I!?!

A partially translucent redeco of his G1 toy, Sizzle still transforms into a funny car and retains his sparking gimmick. Notably, his card art shows his Sparkabot partner Blaze, while Blaze's card depicts Sizzle. It is therefore arguable which G2 Sparkabot is which, but it can be reasonably assumed that the redeco of G1 Sizzle is still Sizzle. This toy was available only in the European market.



Sizzle? Blaze? Oh, I just give up.

  • Sizzle and Fizzle's colors were switched throughout the UK Generation One comics, but only in robot mode. For his Generation 2 toy, his robot mode colors actually reflected his UK coloration -- so naturally the UK Generation 2 comics switched his entire robot mode model with his fellow Sparkabot Blaze, retaining the proper vehicle mode but in Blaze's colors.
  • According to the letter page of Marvel UK Issue #253, Break-Away!, Sizzle leads the Sparkabots.

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