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The Sizzle is one style of Decepticon Sparkdash drone. They attack in mass numbers, using their "Fire Sonic Beam" attack to destroy their enemies.


Masterforce cartoon

As Ginrai and Road King fought Black Zarak in China, Black Zarak summoned the three Sparkdasher Decepticons to aid him. The Autobots quickly dispatched them. God Ginrai - Save Cancer!?

Masterforce comic

When Cancer ran away from the Decepticons (with Browning in tow), Black Zarak came after him, taking a trio of Sparkdashes with him into the city to find and kill the runaway. The three fire-breathing creatures were fairly easily dispatched by the Autobots, but it was Overlord who ultimately beat Black Zarak and rescued Cancer!



  • Sizzle (Sparkdash, 1988)
Japanese ID number: D-320
Identical to the Hasbro Firecon Flamefeather, Sizzle transforms into a fairly organic-looking bird-monster. A friction-motor in his beast-mode belly rolls him forward while shooting "cold" sparks from his maw.


  • All of the Decepticon Sparkdash molds have indentations on their beast-mode legs seemingly meant for a rubsign. But both Hasbro and Takara stopped using rubsigns after 1987, so the spaces are "filled" with normal faction sigil decals.

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