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Sizzle is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Boy, I sure hope nobody shoots me with a missile today.

Though clearly the more cunning of the two, Sizzle could easily be seen as suffering from the same cowardice as his partner, Jolt. He has no qualms about abandoning his teammates on the battlefield if he's low on fuel or confronted by a superior force. On the other hand, "running away" for Sizzle is really a "tactical advance to the rear". It's not fear which guides his actions, but the search for an advantage that'll put him on top of the situation. He sees no point in staying in an uneven battle simply to maintain his pride and image as a warrior. Sizzle is a strategist, and his goal is to win, not to look like a winner.

Japanese name: Firebot


Marvel Comics continuity

Sizzle was brought to life by Megatron using the power of the Creation Matrix, which he had siphoned off of a beaten Optimus Prime. Along with the other Laser Rods and Rotor Force, Sizzle was meant to usher in the new age of Decepticon supremacy, but even their power proved ineffective against the Cybertronians under Jhiaxus's command. Megatron was forced to seek an alliance with Prime, and Sizzle found himself fighting alongside the Autobots. Escalation! This alliance of first generation Cybertronians remained after the battle with the Swarm and the defeat of the Liege Centuro. A Rage in Heaven!

Japanese G2 minicomics and story pages

Note: The Japanese Generation 2 story pages and mini-manga followed the continuity of the animated series, as opposed to the Marvel US Generation 2 comics, which followed the continuity of the Marvel comic series.

Led into battle by Megatron, Sizzle joined Jolt in teaming up against Electro. After Electro proved to be a formidable opponent, however, Sizzle fled and left Jolt to deal with him. He intentionally allowed the Autobot Volt to chase him into a cave, where Sizzle's stealth shield gave him an advantage in the fight. On several following occasions, he found himself in battle with the Autobot Cyberjets and Laser Rods.

Japanese G2 manga

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G2 LaserRod Sizzle toy

One wonders how he gets back up after falling forward.

Generation 2

  • Sizzle (Laser Rod, 1994)
    • Accessories: Sword
Sizzle transforms into a Ford Panel Wagon hot rod. As a Laser Rod, pressing a button on his hood causes a red LED to light up, making his clear plastic engine glow red. In robot mode, this LED can be moved around at the end of a wire, and can plug into the bottom of either of his fists, allowing his light saber to be similarly illuminated.
Also like other Laser Rods, he has a number of different hinges in his limbs and a rubber band "o-ring" waist similar to those of G.I. Joe figures, giving him an unusually large amount of articulation for the time, heralding the era of "super-articulated" Transformers. Unfortunately, like G.I. Joe figures, this "o-ring" is prone to dry-rot and breaking.



I don't know who I am, but I sure will fall apart.

  • Sizzle and a gold redeco of himself (presumably meant to be Electro) fight Dreadwing and Smokescreen in the latter pair's commercial, despite Sizzle being a Decepticon.
  • Sizzle's Japanese bio states that his chassis is made out of Cybertitanium, which makes him nearly undefeatable in combat.

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