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Sixtrain is a Micromaster-composed super robot from the Operation Combination and Micromaster Collection portions of the Generation One continuity family.
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Sixtrain is one of the many Autobot six-combiners who battle the evil forces of Scrash on Earth, such as Battle Gaia. He is the older brother of Sixliner, who he is very similar to.

In an alternate timeline/universe, Sixtrain has blended into human society along with the other Micromasters, and fights against the evil Decepticon Micromasters when they threaten cities.

In either case, he is composed of Atlan, Converter, Desire, Rays, San D-Go and Windy.


Operation Combination story pages

Micromaster Collection story


Operation Combination

  • Sixtrain (Operation Combination, 1992)
Japanese ID number: TF-05

Micromaster Collection

  • Sixtrain (Micromaster, 2003)
In 2003, the entire Sixtrain team was re-released as part of the Micromaster Collection, in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. Moreover, his red feet, hands, waist, and rifle were replaced with black ones. Sixtrain could only be assembled by buying all six compnents individually, he was never offered as a complete set.
This entire mold-set—in unaltered colors—was released in the Universe line as Rail Racer.
  • Sixtrain Red Mode (Micromaster, 2003)
A "chase" combiner, two pieces of Sixtrain Red Mode came per case. Acquiring 5 of the 6 Sixtrain Red Mode members is the only way to provide 2003's regular Sixtrain with the red accessories of his 1990s counterpart.

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