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Sixshot is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.

It's his fault Daniel didn't die sooner. But we try not to hold it against's hard, though.

Sixshot is murderous and ferociously intense in his dedication to his mission. Just about the only redeeming quality found in Sixshot, from an Autobot point-of-view, is his respect for those he's destroyed and sent before him to the "Great junkyard in the sky." Sixshot feels life is only worth living as long as there are enemies to pit himself against. Thankfully, his six forms and his function as a Solo Transformer Assault Group (S.T.A.G.) give him plenty of opportunities for combat.

"He kills. He destroys. He eradicates. He doesn't negotiate!"
Megatron sums up Sixshot[[Devastation #5| [src]]]

Italian name: Iperbot / Hyperbot
Franch-Canadian name: Hexabot
Chinese name (Taiwan): Shot / Sisha
Chinese name (China): Liu Mian Shou (六面獸, "Six-faced beast")
Hungarian name: Hatlövet


Japanese cartoon continuity

The Headmasters cartoon

Voice actor: Michihiro Ikemizu
Sixshot modes

I've got nothing to lose and I've got nothing to prove, so I'll be dancing with myself.

Sixshot, a member of the Six Clan, debuted with the function of "Decepticon City Ninja Commander" - infamously translated as "Ninja Consultant" in the English-Malay dub[1]. In this respect, he was something of an arch-enemy to Ultra Magnus. Sixshot was immensely powerful and soon usurped Cyclonus and Scourge as Galvatron's second-in-command. Sixshot had a long, bloody history of being a scoundrel and a killer. Millions of years prior to his becoming Decepticon City Commander, Sixshot traveled to the planet Master and tried to rip off a mining operation. One of the miners, Abel, stood up to him and Sixshot brutally murdered him. Abel happened to be a good friend of Chromedome's, however, this was before he underwent the Headmaster process and he was too weak to stop Sixshot. Terror! The Six Shadows

Sixshot would continue to plague Chromedome, as he later killed Chromedome's buddy, Jack, and even went so far as to gun down Ultra Magnus with his secret seventh mode, Wingwolf. Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2) Ultra Magnus Dies!!

Sixshot was never well-liked by Scorponok, and once Galvatron was out of the picture, Scorponok did his best to do away with Sixshot. After being deserted by Scorponok and the other Decepticons, Sixshot found himself stranded on a strange planet with Daniel. Sixshot revealed a softer side to Daniel and helped protect the young boy from the killer monsters inhabiting the planet. My Friend Sixshot!

Sixshot later left the Decepticons and helped take them down in the final battle on Earth. This was done to get back at Scorponok for trying to get rid of him a second time, though Sixshot wasn't aware that Scorponok had purposely abandoned him on that planet earlier. He said his goodbyes to Daniel, but did not immediately leave Earth like all the other Transformers. The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)

The Headmasters manga

After the defeat of Mega Zarak, when all the other Decepticons were driven from the planet, Sixshot chose to blaze a new path in his life. Sixshot's next goal was to travel the galaxy and become the greatest warrior in the Universe, learning new transformations from various creatures. His first task was to stay on Earth and learn how to transform into a human being. The Headmasters issue 8

Marvel Comics continuity


No slag, Sherlock.

Sixshot was one of the Decepticons who followed Scorponok to Nebulos. He acted as an air transport to an unnamed Decepticon. Upon greeting Lord Zarak's faction of Nebulans, he noted, "Strange creatures await us." Maybe they were too strange because he was never seen again. Broken Glass!

Transformers in 3D

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Dreamwave comics continuity


"Strange heads await us."

After Shockwave successfully created the Triple Changers, he sought to create an even more impressive warrior who could transform into an unprecedented six modes. However, Shockwave's short rule was ended by Megatron before his project could be unveiled, but a mysterious figure was seen examining the remains of Blitzwing...

Note: Dreamwave Productions went out of business before Sixshot could be properly revealed. Earlier in the series, Octane is shown piloting a land vehicle that is clearly Sixshot's tank mode, which is later jacked by the Dinobots. This vehicle never transforms or shows any signs of sentience, so whether or not it is actually Sixshot is debatable. James McDonough later noted in an interview that it was not some random easter egg, and that its inclusion was deliberate foreshadowing of the future of Shockwave's experiments in multiple transformations.

IDW comics continuity

IDW Spotlight Sixshotshootsstuff

Sixshot is so powerful, he defies all laws of perspective.

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Sixshot, deployed by the Decepticons as a "living weapon", was one of the most feared Decepticons in the galaxy, as well as one of the most powerful. He was typically unleashed during Phase Five or Phase Six of the Decepticons' phased infiltration protocol, bringing utter devastation to the worlds he visited. His "armature" consisted of metals drawn from the compacted core of a collapsed star, and his hermetically sealed power core contained a "self-regenerating dark matter fission cell" -- in other words, he was fast, strong, virtually indestructible, and could fight all day and all night without getting tired. Devastation issue 4

In the days before Cybertron was abandoned, Starscream voiced concerns over Sixshot, fearing he was simply too powerful. Aware of the dangers of such a powerful soldier, Megatron had Sixshot built with a secret "off switch" that could shut him down if need be. Devastation issue 5

His lethal, emotionless nature ended up ostracizing him from his fellow Decepticons, with Starscream in particular disliking him; though Sixshot wasn't the most social warrior, he did miss the camaraderie of battle. The closest thing he had to "friends" were the Terrorcons, a troop of Decepticon warriors who envied Sixshot's power and reputation and aspired to one day be as great as he. The only other person not afraid of and shunning him was Megatron, and he'd planted a secret "off switch" in Sixshot anyway.

While on a mission to the strategically-significant planet Mumu-Obscura, the Terrorcons went missing. After getting the info from Squawkbox, Sixshot set out to rescue his "friends". After arriving, he found Mumu-Obscura to be a dead world, completely razed by a group of aliens known as the Reapers. The Reapers, led by a Deathbringer, offered the lives of the Terrorcons to Sixshot, if the Decepticon could defeat them in battle. Sixshot fought valiantly, though the Reapers proved to just be toying with him.

Eventually, the Deathbringer called off the battle and handed over the Terrorcons. The entire fight had been a test and the Reapers were willing to extend membership to Sixshot. The final test for joining, however, would be that Sixshot must sever all sentimental connections to his past and eliminate the Terrorcons. Sixshot could not bring himself to do the deed, though a part of him truly craved to be a Reaper. The Deathbringer allowed him to leave with the Terrorcons and declared that they would cross paths again, and hopefully then, Sixshot would be ready. Spotlight: Sixshot

Devastation4 PrimeSixshot hyperbole

FALCON- nevermind.

After Megatron's recent thrashing by Optimus Prime, Sixshot was called in "early" to deal with the Autobots on Earth. Escalation issue 6

After arriving on Earth, Megatron instructed Sixshot to track down Optimus Prime's unit and eliminate them. Sixshot was slightly confused that he had been called in so early, but he also knew what happened when you tried to press a point with Megatron, so he complied. The other Decepticons, however, were concerned with Megatron's choice of action. Devastation issue 1 Sixshot shot down the Ark-19 during its relocation and chased Ratchet, who had ejected with Verity Carlo and Jimmy Pink in an escape pod before the Ark-19 crashed into the ocean. He was briefly distracted by two fighter jets (which he destroyed). This allowed Ratchet to go into hiding, so Sixshot just blew up every ambulance around to force Ratchet to reveal himself. In the process, he made himself the first Transformer to be caught live on television and be visible in a crowded civilian area.

Devastation5 Sixshot pwned

Sixshot go boom THRASSHKT!!

Transforming to wolf-mode, Sixshot chased Ratchet to the Gulf of Mexico's edge and was about to kill the Autobot when the crew of the Ark-19 emerged from the water and shot him. Devastation issue 3 Sixshot shrugged off their attacks and badly wounded Bumblebee and Jazz while infodumping the Autobots about his various capabilities. However, as he faced Optimus Prime alone, he was summoned back to Decepticon headquarters to deal with the recently arrived Reapers. Devastation issue 4


Ooooh crap...

Arriving in Oregon, Sixshot blasted a hole in the Reapers' ship and fought their whole legion. Deathbringer entreated him to join the Reapers, planning to destroy him if he refused. Starscream then emerged, challenging Sixshot to a duel to the death, making his decision easier and causing him to defect. However, Starscream activated Sixshot's "off switch", a verbal command of "Reset: pi-orion-actual-orbit. Enable." Sixshot immediately shut down and crashed. Devastation issue 5 The deactivated Sixshot was seen with Galvatron looming over him. Devastation issue 6

Galvatron apparently brought Sixshot to Jhiaxus, where they repaired his body but implanted a device in his brain which gives his will over to Jhiaxus. Once completed, Sixshot was deployed to guard the Nega-Core at Bhul, which is essential to the Expansion of the Dead Universe. Spotlight: Doubledealer

Sixshot survived (of course) his forced combat on the moon of Bhul, and returned to Megatron's good graces by bringing with him Jhiaxus' technology, namely space bridge schematics and failsafe overrides. A year after his enslavement, Sixshot was sent to capture information from the Autobot science lab on the planet Salwatan VI. He slaughtered the scientists themselves, slipping past all the alarms without so much as a blip, but the data was raced away by the Throttlebots. Sixshot followed them to the nearby Salwatan VIII and engaged the unit. In short order he crashed Chase, crushed Freeway, shot down Wideload, smashed Rollbar and blew a hole clean through Goldbug. He was on the verge of executing Searchlight when the enormous hand of Metroplex rose up from behind and flattened him. Sixshot survived this, though in worse shape than he had probably ever been previously. He was ready to face his attacker...... and was promptly stepped on like an ant. After his foe's departure the much thinner Sixshot lay on the ground clenching his fist, though if this meant he was alive, or was a simple habit of dead bugs and decepticons isn't quite clear. Spotlight: Metroplex

Transformers: Tataki

Sixshot is a playable Decepticon in the Japanese PS2 game. He is unlocked after defeating Computron a second time. Transformers: Call of the Future


Generation One

  • Sixshot (1987, 2002)
    • Japanese ID number: D-98
    • Accessories: 2 "Hypersonic Concussion Blasters"
G1Sixshot toy

"...No, I don't have a trigger between my legs. Now will you buy me?"

Sixshot transforms into a robot, a tank, a spaceship, a gun, an off-road vehicle, and a winged wolf. Each of these modes has their own functionality, including things like a trigger (that is, a little plastic panel that springs back after you pull on it) for his gun mode and his vague animal head which we're assured is a wolf.
A completely absurd seventh mode was created for the Headmasters animated series named "Wingwolf," -- and the toy can actually be configured into this form. It is effectively just an in-between transformation using various configurations from other modes to create... well... something. The idea was that this mode was more powerful because it accessed all the different powers of each of his other modes.
The toy came with instructions that were sealed by a sticker, challenging the owner to figure out all the toy's modes without help. It really wasn't that hard, honestly - although the instructions (and packaging photos) actually managed to get the car mode wrong, neglecting to mention the additional rotation of the arms necessary to complete it. There are also a pair of extra holes inside Sixshot's legs into which his hypersonic concussion blasters can fit - presumably, this was the intended location for the weapons in gun mode, but the instructions and photos place them on the outside of the legs, in the same position as tank mode, which in turn was how the gun mode appeared in both the American and Japanese animated series.

Sadly, despite his five alternate modes, robot-mode Sixshot is a brick, having the same amount of useful articulation as a Mini Vehicle, which is a much smaller and cheaper toy. Bad Hasbro.

This mold was retooled to make Great Shot.
  • Sixshot Black Version (2002)
    • Accessories: 2 "Hypersonic Concussion Blasters"
A special all-black version of Sixshot was made as a March Lucky Draw prize in Figure King Magazine in Japan. Only 10 black Sixshots were awarded.
  • Sixshot Clear Version (2002)
    • Accessories: 2 "Hypersonic Concussion Blasters"
A special clear-colorless-plastic version of Sixshot was made as a March Lucky Draw prize from Hyper Hobby Magazine in Japan. Only 10 clear Sixshots were awarded.


  • Sixshot (Super Collection Figure)
Sixshot was in Act 3 of Takara's Super Collection Figure (SCF) line of PVC figurines. Like all pieces in this set, he was available both in full-color and all-clear versions.


  • The Sixshot (or more accurately Great Shot) mold was later further retooled to make the heroic "Ninja Detective" Shadowmaru from the Brave series Brave Police J-Decker. Amusingly, while the other 5 forms are of standard size for the series (assuming 5 meters in robot mode), his size for gun mode was increased to the point that, in Transformers terms, Omega Supreme could use him for an oversized rifle. Even more bizarre, this is the only time when Shadowmaru is actually in scale with his toy, relative to the others from that line. Maybe the Brave Police project cracked the secrets of mass shifting?
  • Sixshot's "Wingwolf" form could be considered as a "canonical" fan mode.
  • Sixshot can stay in shadow, even while standing in a sun baked desert.
  • Sixshot seems to die hard in the IDW comics, as he survives getting stepped on by Metroplex twice and getting Optimus Prime's fist shoved through his chest.

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80's Transformers Toy Commercial 4 Six Shot

80's Transformers Toy Commercial 4 Six Shot

Sixshot commercial.

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