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Sixbuilder is a Micromaster-composed super robot from the Operation Combination and Micromaster Collection portions of the Generation One continuity family.
G1 - Sixbuilder - Boxart

Construction crews are cheaper when you only have to sign one paycheck.

The combined form of the Build Team, Sixbuilder fights alongside the Guard City team and other Micromasters to protect the Earth from the forces of the mighty Decepticon führer Scrash.

In an alternate timeline/universe, Sixbuilder has blended into human society along with the other Micromasters, and fights against the evil Decepticon Micromasters when they threaten cities.

Sixbuilder's component robots are...


Operation Combination story pagesEdit

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Micromaster Collection storyEdit


Mirror, mirror, on the wall...

In the Micromaster Collection timeline, Sixbuilder has an evil Decepticon counterpart. Upon meeting Sixbuilder, Destron Sixbuilder claimed to be the result of the original Sixbuilder Team being somehow split apart into two complete sets; one developed as a team of Autobots, the other as six Decepticons. He intends to recombine with the Autobot Sixbuilder someday, after all other Autobots have been destroyed.


Operation CombinationEdit

  • Sixbuilder (Micromaster Sixteam, 1992)
    • Japanese ID number: TF-01
The original version Sixbuilder was available only as a complete gift set in Japan. His component robots can be swapped around with the other similarly-built Six-Teams Sixturbo or Sixwing, and to some degree with Sixliner and Sixtrain. His combiner kibble can be assembled to make a jet that can be piloted by a single Micromaster. The original Six-Teams are considered among the more difficult Japanese Generation One pieces to find.

Micromaster CollectionEdit

In 2002, the entire Sixbuilder team was re-released as part of the Micromaster Collection, in individual boxes with a number visible to show which mold was inside each box. For this release, all of the decals from the original version were replaced with paint applications. In addition, the plastic colors of all six components were changed, although the combiner kibble was left in its original colors. Sixbuilder could only be assembled by buying all six components individually; he was never offered as a complete set.
This version of the team was used to make Universe Micromaster Constructicon Devastator.
In every case of twelve Build Team Micromasters, two of them were solid-green-plastic Decepticon-allied variations. All six Micromasters were available in this manner, and could be combined into Destron Sixbuilder.

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