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Six Shot is the younger brother of Shockblast. But where his brother is a berserker, Six Shot is more of a shifty weasel who prefers to lie, connive, and back-stab rather than confront foes directly. Despite their differences, the two brothers appear to be loyal to each other. A mechanical engineer by trade, he is mainly out for himself, and enjoys causing chaos.

In his off time, Six Shot enjoys reading comic books.

Hungarian name: Hatlövetű ("Six Shot")
Russian name: Revolver


Energon anime

Voice Actor: Terry Klassen (English), Nobutoshi Canna (Japanese)


Six Shot was incarcerated between the Unicron Battles and arrival of the Terrorcons for his continued attempts at prolonging the civil conflicts between the Autobots and Decepticons even after the two sides reached a truce. Six Shot was freed shortly after Shockblast's death, and was misled by Snow Cat into believing Optimus Prime had killed his brother.

Six Shot designed many weapons systems on Cybertron, including the large particle cannons that he and his brother Shockblast use so effectively. Six Shot was actually able to hack into the Autobots' training program and allow some of his Decepticon allies to insert themselves into the simulation, as well as grant himself a sort of "God Mode" over the program code and create a simulation of his own brother to fight alongside him. Distribution

After many attempts to destroy Optimus Prime in defiance of Galvatron's orders, Six Shot rebelled and tried to race Galvatron to the super energon chamber. Nearly destroying Galvatron, Scorponok intervened and fought Six Shot to a standstill just long enough for a repowered Galvatron, now several stories tall, to emerge and stomp Six Shot to bits for his treason. Galvatron Terror



  • Six Shot (Mega, 2005)
    • Accessories: Missile
Six Shot is a redeco of Shockblast toy, and as such transforms into a Cybertronic laser-tank, plus a third satellite-cannon mode. His cannon arm contains a spring-loaded missile launcher and an electronic sound gimmick (which refuses to shut up most of the time).
Many specimens of this toy have the same problem: In satellite mode, a peg on one of his legs will not fit into the corresponding slot to hold the mode together. Also, his torso connects to his legs via a very small hinge, which is quite susceptible to breaking.


  • Despite his prominent role in the Japanese-made cartoon, Six Shot was not made available as part of the Japanese Super Link toyline.
  • In the Hungarian dub of Energon, Six Shot is voiced by an old man (two, to be exact; one in his introduction episode, the other in the rest of the series), which kind of messes up his "younger brother" issue.

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