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Six Lasers Over Cybertron is a theme park on Cybertron.

Its attractions include:

  • the Space Slide
  • the Galaxy Coasters
  • the Plasma Curve, the most popular roller coaster at the theme park. It runs on magnetic coaster rails held aloft by seventy-one girders sunk into the planet. The long lines of visitors waiting to ride are woven around these pillars, underneath the ride itself.


Transformers: Exodus[]

Located to the north of Iacon, access to Six Lasers was only permitted to those in the high castes, something that made Orion Pax angry despite his concession that the park would otherwise be swamped. The sentiment was shared by thirty-six Mini-Cons, who made a suicide bombing under the Plasma Curve. During the war, Six Lasers was destroyed, something Alpha Trion did not understand as the park only had a token garrison. Jetfire later used the ruins to gather enough spacecraft to distract Megatron from the construction of the Ark

Predacons Rising[]

With the Decepticons defeated after Cybertron was renewed by the Omega LockShockwave's lab was hidden amongst the ruins of Six Lasers Over Cybertron. 


  • The name of the theme park is a reference to Six Flags over various countries.