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Siren's voice modulator goes to eleven—and stays there. Thanks to his ear-splitting upbringing in the Sonic Canyons, he operates at full volume all the time. While this may annoy his pals Nightbeat and Hosehead, it drives his partner Quig nuts. Eventually, Quig's efforts to teach Siren about the concept of an "indoor voice" may succeed, but for now Siren doesn't really listen to him, either because he can't hear him or because he doesn't want to.

"Loud, brash... and totally brain dead!"
―Nightbeat, regarding Siren, "On the Edge of Extinction!" Marvel US #75

French name (Canada): Sirène


Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Siren, you hypocrite, your motto is "Act first, ask questions later."

Shortly after being made a Headmaster and joining Optimus Prime's crew on Earth, Siren accompanied Nightbeat to Earth to investigate a mysterious robot corpse which had seemingly washed up on the California shoreline. At the scene of the crime, they found a pair of Transformers hovering over the body, and who quickly burned rubber once they spotted the Autobots. Siren was sent to chase them down, and after he had cornered the two in an alley, he learned that the two were actually Autobots! Though Hosehead and Horsepower made their introductions, the latter exploded in gunfire as the real culprit, the Decepticon leader-in-training Thunderwing announced his presence. The two barely managed to escape, and Hosehead explained that the well-armed Decepticon was hunting down purposefully-released Autobot prisoners. Nightbeat and his partner Muzzle were able to detonate the inspected corpse's fuel core at close enough range to send Thunderwing packing into the waves to dose the flames. Hosehead then returned to the Ark with Nightbeat and Siren. The Big Shutdown!

When the Autobots received a distress call from Earth's surface, Nightbeat assembled a combat team that included Siren, Landmine, Hosehead, Getaway, and himself. Under Optimus Prime's command, they rushed to Earth to help their fallen comrades, but there they found the Deathbringer, who had come to cleanse the planet of life. Ironically, Deathbringer was powered by the energies of the Creation Matrix, the very thing Prime had desired earlier to restore his fallen warriors! And it must be destroyed to save Earth! Siren and the others fought valiantly, but were getting slaughtered. Nightbeat used its own programming against it, and the Deathbringer destroyed itself, removing Siren and the others from danger. Deathbringer


Siren: Worst Green Lantern ever.

In search of the Creation Matrix, Siren, Nightbeat, and Hosehead took a journey to the planet Pz-Zazz. Nightbeat's zeal quickly got them in trouble with both local mobs, and in the midst of a skirmish, Siren found himself in possession of the artifact both mobs desired -- the Bird of Prey. Though with the help of Miss Fatale, Siren, Hosehead, and Nightbeat were able to use the artifact to restore the decrepit planet, they failed to find the Matrix. However, they did manage to get shot in the back and captured by Thunderwing and the Mayhem Attack Squad. Bird of Prey! Siren demonstrated remarkable self-control in not revealing information to Thunderwing while being tortured by his Mind Leech, despite the incredible pain. Kings of the Wild Frontier

Due to a short caused when Thunderwing harshly disciplined Ruckus Deadly Obsession, he and his comrades were able to break free. Finding themselves on the Ark in the middle of a fierce battle against Thunderwing, who had become possessed by the Matrix, Nightbeat quickly hatched a plan. After Nightbeat harpooned Thunderwing to a shuttle, Hosehead released the artificial gravity, and after Thunderwing and the shuttle had been sucked out, Siren pulled Nightbeat back into the Ark's ship bay. All Fall Down


Do you not understand? It's Over! Finished!

After the Matrix Quest ended, the Autobots enjoyed some much-needed downtime. Siren and Hosehead spent time watching mystery films on one of the Ark's monitors; Siren was even able to guess that the servo-droid was the culprit. Eye of the Storm! This holiday was interrupted when the gruesomely-combined Ratchet/Megatron went on a rampage through the Ark, and Siren expressed displeasure when Optimus Prime made the unpopular decision to spare the creature. The Price of Life!

After the second Decepticon Civil War, Siren and the rest of the Earthbound Transformers were teleported to Cybertron to battle Unicron. During this costly battle, despite the incredible foe he and his race faced, he raced recklessly on his hoverscooter for his personal amusement. Despite Nightbeat's warnings, this resulted in him colliding with Jazz. On the Edge of Extinction!

With Unicron defeated, the Autobots secretly followed the Decepticons to Klo, but their presence became known, and they were ambushed upon arrival. Siren managed to survive the first round of the massacre, desperately grabbing for his weapon under the feet of Bludgeon, but he was noticed and put out of his misery. The Last Autobot arrived to revive all the Autobot casualties magically, and Siren was presumably revived as well. End of the Road!

Marvel UK future timelines

In an alternate 2009, Siren was one of the Autobots who had to abandon Cybertron to Galvatron and the Decepticons after the Time Wars rebooted history. To make matters worse, their ship crashed on Earth after their leader, Rodimus Prime, was possessed by Unicron's corrupting influence. Siren was seen being blasted around the landscape by his fearless leader after impact. Shadow of Evil


Cheap Shots

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Dreamwave comics continuity


We'd tilt back too if we were carrying those things around.

Siren was part of Perceptor and Blaster's organized resistance to Decepticon rule during the Age of Internment. Along with Nightbeat, Hosehead, Slapdash, Getaway, and Joyride, he participated in a bait-and-capture mission to disable one of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron and bring it in for study. Curiously, they engaged a group of three of the Air Warriors, disabled the first two, and the third just shut down. However, when Nightbeat tried to apply an inhibitor claw, the Air Warrior automatically upgraded into enhanced attack mode and began to attack them again. The ensuing onslaught was overwhelming, and despite Siren ended up being blinded by one of the Air Warrior's blasts, he and Joyride latched their altmodes together, rammed their opponent into a spike on the wall, and finally attached the inhibitor claw. The Age of Wrath, Pt. 3

IDW comics continuity

SpotlightKup Siren

It seems somebody better be careful.

Siren was stationed on the Autobot Orbital Command Hub. Stormbringer issue 1 He was requisitioned into action on board the Ark-17 for a mission to rescue Kup from a mysterious planet. Unfortunately, Kup had been driven mad by the planet's radiation and, believing his rescuers to be zombies, attacked them. Siren was the only one to escape alive (minus an arm), and berated both Perceptor and Springer on the foolhardy rescue mission, which had cost loyal Autobots their lives. Though Springer reminded Siren of how valuable Kup's training had been to all the Autobot soldiers, the Wreckers commander was silenced when Siren stated that no Autobots deserved to die at the hands of their comrades, especially by the hand of somebody as revered as Kup. Spotlight: Kup


Generation One

  • Siren (Headmaster, 1988)
    • Accessories: "Quig" Headmaster pilot, helmet/seat, "C02 Shotgun", left & right "Sonic-Screamer Pistols"
G1Siren toy


Siren transforms into a grey Toyota Supra with "Fire chief" decorations. The roof is hinged and can be opened to reveal an interior in which his Headmaster unit, Quig, can sit, with the helmet portion of the head forming a seat of sorts. His head guns can be stored on the hood while his rifle can be plugged onto the roof.
In robot mode, like all Headmaster toys, Siren has a flip-down panel on his chest which covers a spring-loaded mini-Tech-Spec-meter which gives reads for Speed, Strength and Intelligence. The tumblers are activated when Quig (or any other Headmaster unit) is plugged into his neck socket. Quig has Siren's face plainly visible on his back because, as a smaller Headmaster toy, he lacks the flip-down panel featured on larger Headmasters.
The same mold was redecoed Japanese Headmaster Junior Shūta Gō. A Siren-colored version of Shūta was also offered in Japan via robot point offer.



Clockwise from top left: Toy Nightbeat, toy Siren, comic Nightbeat, comic Siren.

  • Siren was originally conceived as either an upgrade or homage to Red Alert.[1] While the robot mode was largely blue unlike Red Alert, it featured a similar head to the early Autobot. The car mode featured a near carbon copy of Red Alert's paint scheme. The Red Alert references were dropped early in the design process.
  • For the animation/comic book models, the face/Nebulan and helmet/seat pieces of Nightbeat and Siren were inexplicably switched. (It is difficult to tell for sure, but they may have kept the correct antennae/guns judging by the basic shapes involved.) This switch gave comic book Nightbeat the "shades" he's remembered for, as well as the crest on his forehead, while comic book Siren ended up with his trademark combined brow/nosepiece. How or why this switch happened, and in what stage of development it occurred, is unknown.
  • Siren appeared in a commercial which advertised the 1988 Autobot and Decepticon Headmasters, though he was only animated in vehicle mode. In the commercial, he, Nightbeat, and Hosehead were seen racing across the surface of an unknown planet.


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