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Specifics: fictional appearances

Like his fellow Terrorcons, Sinnertwin is a horrific insult to nature itself. Sinnertwin frequently patrols the Terrorcons' lair with the hope of finding anything unfortunate enough to be alive in his presence. Then comes the killing, and what with his multiple heads and sadistic nature, this is not something one would like to witness. Ironically, he's terrified of small creatures.

He has the most awesome name in Transformer history. No matter what Slayride says.

Sinnertwin can combine with his fellow Terrorcons to form Abominus.

"Rip Autobots! Rr, rip and tear!"
―Sinnertwin[["Grimlock's New Brain"| [src]]]

French name (Canada): Bipêcheur
Italian name: Bifrontbot


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Sinnertwin and the Terrorcons were among the ranks commanded by Scorponok on Cybertron, and came to Nebulos along with the rest of his soldiers. They attacked the city of Splendora along with the Horrorcons, but even after assuming their Abominus form they were driven off by the Technobots and the Autobot Headmasters, Hardhead and Brainstorm. Love and Steel! Later, Sinnertwin and his comrades were assembled by Zarak to accompany him and Scorponok in a raid on the Nursery, although they ended up stalemating in battle with the new Autobot Targetmasters. Brothers in Armor!

Scorponok eventually brought his crew to Earth, and Sinnertwin and the Terrorcons came with him. While attempting to "break bread" with Ratbat's Earthbound Decepticons, a fight broke out between the two factions. Sinnertwin charged into battle against the other Decepticons, following Horri-Bull into the fight. Cold War! Later, the Decepticon factions joined forces with the Autobots against the Underbase-empowered Starscream. Joining Soundwave on the ground in Buenos Aires, the Terrorcons were barely into the fight before Starscream casually annihilated them in mid-air while falling off the tower at Avenida Nueve de Julio. Dark Star!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2009, Sinnertwin and the Terrorcons were terrorizing the human population of Earth during the raging timestorm. He demonstrated rather poor manners by talking with his mouth full. 'Course, it was the other mouth that was full, but still...

After a battle with the Autobots, Soundwave and the Terrorcons followed them back in time to 1989, where they became cursorily involved in the conflict with their old commander, Galvatron. However, Soundwave made a point of keeping Sinnertwin and the rest of his men out of the direct line-of-fire, letting their allies take the heat. They then time-jumped back to the future when things got desperate, without so much as a "by your leave". Time Wars

Generation One Cartoon

Voice actor: David Workman / Jered Barclay (US), Tomomichi Nishimura (Japan)

Sinnertwin, along with the rest of the Terrorcons, was first encountered when the Autobots went to Unicron's head to stop Galvatron from acquiring anti-electrons. During the battle, he menaced Kup, who claimed to have fought bigger monsters than Sinnertwin. When the Terrorcons seemed successful in overpowering the Autobots, Grimlock ran off and quickly created the Technobots. Meeting these new opponents, the Terrorcons formed into Abominus and fought the Technobots’ merged form of Computron. Unfortunately for them, the highly intelligent Autobot gestalt defeated Abominus by vibrating, forcing Abominus to separate back into his component Terrorcons. Grimlock's New Brain

Sinnertwin was one of the Primitives summoned to fight Tornadron. Call of the Primitives He and the other Terrorcons aided the Quintessons when they were dealing with smuggler Dirk Manus for a secret weapon. The Quintessons had installed a timer to regulate their activity as Abominus. When Computron defeated them again, this time by shorting out that timer to separate Abominus back into the individual Terrorcons, they were freed enough to escape back to the Decepticons. Money is Everything

Sinnertwin and the others were victorious over the Technobots when the latter attempted to stop the Terrorcons from stealing Dr. Morgan’s new heat resistant alloys from his lab, injuring his daughter Jessica in the process. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1 Sinnertwin was last seen fighting the Autobots both on Earth and later on Cybertron during Galvatron’s full-scale attack on the Decepticons' former homeworld. The Rebirth, Part 1- The Rebirth, Part 2

Unlike Hun-Gurrr, whose two heads spoke simultaneously, Sinnertwin's monster alt mode had two heads that spoke independently of each other and even had two different actors provide the voices. At one point, they even seemed to argue with each other over which head got to kill an Autobot.

IDW comics continuity

SpotlightSIxshot Sinnertwin

"My mint condition Sixshot! N-"

Sinnertwin is the acting treasurer of the Sixshot fan club. He isn't too good at the job, but he tries harder. He and the other Terrorcons were sent to Mumu-Obscura, but were taken prisoner by the Reapers to lure Sixshot to the planet. The Reapers offered membership to their little club so long as Sixshot destroyed the Terrorcons. Sinnertwin freaked out when he though Sixshot was really going to kill them. Of course, they weren't killed, and the Reapers allowed the Decepticons to leave in peace. Spotlight: Sixshot

Universe: Featuring the Wreckers

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Wreckers: Finale Part II


Generation One

  • Sinnertwin (1987)
    • Team ID number: TR2
    • Japanese ID number: D-81
    • Accessories: "Rocket Grenade-Launcher", "Flame Cannon"
G1Sinnertwin toy

Looks tasty.

Sinnertwin transforms into a yellow and green orthrus. He comes with a small pistol for robot mode and a large gun for beast mode. He can form the leg or arm of any Scramble-City type combiner, though he is nominally Abominus' left leg. He can also attach to Metroplex' robot mode.
Due to a design flaw, the gap in the chest where the head swings down is just too narrow, and because of this, the head breaks off at the hinge very easily.
There is a variant of Sinnertwin which does not have the rubsign indent.
  • Abominus (1987)
    • Japanese ID number: D-84
Sinnertwin was also available in a giftset with the rest of the Terrorcons.

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