Silverhound is a Decepticon who resembles a dog, which is an animal on Earth. He also worked with Thunderhoof back on Cybertron.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 2

Back on Cybertron, Silverhound worked for Thunderhoof as one of his many enforcers. He was eventually arrested and put in a stasis pod aboard the Alchemor. After the ship crashed on Earth, the Autobots tracked him to a carnival, where Bumblebee tried to corral him with Strongarm recovering on the ground. Though it remains unknown, Bumblebee reports to Fixit that Silverhound's audio recepter was damaged. Silverhound managed to overpower Bumblebee and Strongarm as he almost fired on them with his arm canon. He redirected Grimlock's charge, so that the Dinobot landed squarely in the middle of the carnival. While the Autobots desperately tried to maintain their cover, Silverhound tried to flee and was blasted into submission by Strongarm. He was then dragged back to the Autobots' base and placed back in a stasis pod.


  • Silverhound uses an altered version of Terrashock's character model, swapping his horns for ears, and giving him a wider, more pronounced snout to create a vaguely canine-looking face. He also gains a pair of forearm cannons.
  • According to Bumblebee, Silverhound has a damaged audio receptor, although it's unclear when he suffered this injury.
  • Like Polarclaw, Silverhound is one of the few Decepticons to not speak, only using grunts and growls.


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