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Silverbolt is an Autobot from War for Cybertron continuity family.


Silverbolt is a grim, brave, and courageous warrior. He often worries more about his teammates than himself. He's also afraid of heights, some air commander.


War for Cybertron

Autobot Mission 4: Aerial Assault

Silverbolt is leader of the mission to destroy Megatron's orbital gun. With Air Raid and Jetfire by his side, they complete the mission, sending Trypticon crashing down to Cybertron where Optimus and his team take over.

Autobot Mission 5: One Shall Stand

Silverbolt, Air Raid, and Jetfire try to get healing charges to Optimus, Ironhide and Bumblebee, but Trypticon punches Silverbolt into a wall and almost destroys him as well as Jetfire, and Air Raid.

When Trypticon falls into the goo below, Optimus, Ironhide nor Bumblebee seem too concerned about the fact that he and the Aerialbots crashed into walls and nearly got smashed by a dinosaur version of the Hulk.

Fall of Cybertron

He was in a critical condition as Ratchet and Optimus stabilize his power. He is later seen attending to a wounded Autobot soldier alongside Jetfire and Air Raid upon the Ark (WFC) as they travel toward the space portal. Later, he participated in an air strike against Bruticus.


  • His main weapons are a Photon Burst Rifle, and an Energon Club.
  • His special powers are Shockwave and an Energon Shield.
  • His personality is self-punishing, depressed, grim, wears a brave face.
  • His vehicle mode resembles a space shuttle with forward swept wings (without putting on the afterburners/boost).
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