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Silverbolt is the Autobot leader of the Aerialbots despite his fear of heights.

"Nobody stand behind my engines!"
―Silverbolt [src]


The Covenant of Primus

Silverbolt emerged from the Well of All Sparks during the Age of Wrath and, indeed, heralded its end. The Quintessons had first enraptured the Cybertronians by claiming to bestow the gift of the transformation cog on the populace, elevating them into a higher state of being. In fact, the T-Cog was merely a long dormant piece of Cybertronian physiology, placed there by the Primes for the Cybertronians to discover in their own time. As Sentinel Zeta Prime and his council recognized the Quintessons' many deceptions, they planned an elaborate showing to rally the population for revolution. The Wreckers seized control of the Well just as Silverbolt made his way to the surface. Doctors Ratchet and Cogwheel examined the newborn Silverbolt, scientifically demonstrating on a live broadcast that the T-Cog was present from birth. Silverbolt dramatically proved their theorem by transforming into his flying alt-form, and in doing so beginning the uprising against Quintesson rule.

Transformers: Retribution

When the Nemesis caught up with the Ark above Aquatron, Silverbolt participated in the initial counterattack along with his fellow Aerialbots, Slingshot, Fireflight, Skydive and Air Raid. They combined into Superion and crashed through the bridge before making their way to the hangar area to wreck the engines. The Aerialbots disengaged and were driven off by Megatron before completing their mission, and were seriously injured in the conflict.

By the time Sideswipe was prepared to use the Ark to buzz the Quintesson city Hydratron to rescue Optimus Prime and the others, however, Silverbolt and the Aerialbots were back on their feet. They provided cover as the Ark descended on Hydratron, and Superion proved to be a powerful ally against the Sharkticon hordes. The Autobots and Decepticons formed a shaky alliance against the Quintessons, and so the Ark was forced to tow a damaged Nemesis back to orbit. Superion provided the boost necessary to get the clamped ships airborne.


Transformers: War for Cybertron

During the Decepticon Assault on Iacon, Silverbolt and Jetfire tried to stop Starscream from getting to The Decagon, but sustained heavy damage as a result. As Cybertron was dying, Optimus Prime ordered an evacuation of all Autobot cities. However, Megatron had refitted the station producing Dark Energon with a colossal weapon that blasted the ships holding the Autobots who defied him by escaping. Prime sent for Silverbolt, Jetfire and Air Raid to lead the Aerialbots in an assault to take Megatron's battle station offline. After getting into the relay station, and disabling the safety locks, the Autobots managed to find the coolant room, where Silverbolt suggested blasting everything. Shooting through wave after wave of Decepticons, Air Raid admitted he had wanted to be the Aerialbot commander, but was impressed with his leader not entirely sucking at the job — especially for a guy who was afraid of flying. Silverbolt was not amused.

The Autobots then destroyed the station's coolant pump, and Silverbolt ordered the squad to navigate towards the control room, showing utter devotion to the task at hand. In the room, the controls were blocked off and Megatron projected an image of himself, taunting the Autobots, Jetfire in particular. Silverbolt was surprised that they knew each other, and after a war of words, Megatron sent in his Decepticon troops. Though the Autobots were outnumbered, Silverbolt swore he'd fight to his last spark, and the opposition was no match. Silverbolt then flushed the coolant tanks and the Autobots tore off through the now-empty tunnels, which were starting to come apart. After overhearing a Decepticon commander talk about Megatron's plans for Trypticon, Silverbolt's squad destroyed his troops and flew to the nerve center, where they deactivated the beam's pulse regulator. After stalling waves of Decepticons, the plasma within the regulator reached 110% and blew sky-high.

However, Megatron had backup systems, and sent more Decepticons. Silverbolt decided that his team could still blow the weapon up from the inside, and the team flew inside to the energy conduit, where Optimus contacted him, telling him to disable the gun immediately, as the damage from the cannon was becoming catastrophic. Silverbolt had no clear plan, but still swore to do what he could prevent the Autobot deaths. Then... the gun taunted the Autobots, revealing its true identity as the Cybertronian, Trypticon. As they dispatched the Decepticons and flew in further, the situation became more and more dire, and Air Raid suggested the destruction of Trypticon's Transformation Cog, changing him to his original mode. Jetfire was skeptical, but Silverbolt encouraged the idea, as anything was better than a gigantic talking space gun. They managed to destroy the cog before it Trypticon could unleash a full-power blast at Optimus Prime's position, and Trypticon was forced into his beastly robot mode, falling towards Cybertron. Silverbolt ordered the team to destroy Trypticon's jet packs, and when they were eliminated, allowed gravity to do the rest.

Sure enough, Trypticon crashed on Cybertron, and Optimus, Ironhide and Bumblebee went to investigate. Silverbolt told Optimus he and the others were en route, and even gave them advice on how to defeat Trypticon. Optimus's group took Silverbolt's advice, and just after damaging his weapon systems, Silverbolt's squad arrived and tried to help out, but all three flying Autobots were swatted aside by the beast.

Silverbolt and his teammates survived, however, and got better in time to witness Optimus's post-victory speech, staying on Cybertron continuing the fight against Megatron. They would be among the future crew members of the Ark when the Autobots' time came to leave their home.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

During the waning days of the war, Silverbolt was injured during battle and began to leak too much Energon. Optimus Prime and Ratchet were able to stabilize his condition despite the on and off power failures inside the base. When the Ark finally launched from Cybertron, Silverbolt aided in the ship-to-ship battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, briefly pausing to tend to the wounded with his fellow Aerialbots. His status is left unknown.


  • Despite being leader of the Aerialbots, Jetfire seems to take the leadership role more than Silverbolt does.