Silver Jet Vehicons are a model of the Vehicon-series programed for Starscream's Vehicon Armada. These Vehicons are tougher and stronger than normal Vehicon Troopers. They wear silver, red, white, and black very similar to Starscream's Earth colors.


When Wheeljack was allowed to escape Darkmount, a tracking device was planted on him, five members of the armada were sent to kill Wheeljack and Bulkhead when the two reunited. They discovered too late, that the Wreckers found the tracker and used it to lure the Decepticons into a lethal trap.

After the destruction of the base, the Autobots rallied at Harbinger to plan a counterattack. Starscream and his armada would help defend Darkmount from Ultra Magnus and the Autobot survivors. Most of them were killed by Bulkhead and Wheeljack.

Two of them accompanied Starscream and the Predacon to Scotland. They discovered Ultra Magnus' Ship and one Vehicon asked Starscream if he was wearing the Apex Armor  to protect himself from the Predacon. Starscream then took off the armor to make himself look good. Miko who was trying to reach the ship, took the armor and beat up Starscream and his two guards, who somehow survived.

During the final battle on the Nemesis, they defended the Omega Lock control room with Starscream against the Stealth Team. Starscream's Armada split up after the death of Megatron. It is currently unknown what happened to the Vehicons, but Starscream and Shockwave escaped in an escape pod down to the surface of Cybertron.

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