Look Before You Leap!

Bumblebee and Strongarm have just captured Springload and shoved him in a stone casket (that was an exciting adventure!), but they'll need a stasis cell ASAP before he breaks out! Sideswipe is called in to help. Russell Clay spots that Bumblebee's at Lake Oncada, where the new Crash Cragster film is being filmed, and demands to come; his dad makes it clear things are too busy for that...

After calming Strongarm and Sideswipe, Bumblebee hits on a plan to get Springload safely in a cell: Sideswipe lifts the lid and the others tip the 'Con out of the casket. But crafty Springload clings onto the lid so he's taken to safety and acid tongues his way to freedom! The Autobots attempt to bundle him but he dodges them with the power of jumping, and hops it!

The Autobots pursue, with Sideswipe ignoring Bumblebee's orders to stay in formation. Sideswipe is told he doesn't know what Springload can do and proves it when he corners the Decepticon at a broken bridge, only to see the frog jump it. The Autobot almost drives into the hole himself, taking the Clays with him, but Bumblebee saves them. He admonishes the speedster for not using his head.

Springload breaks into the Crash Cragster movie set's hanger, mistaking prop gold for the treasure of Doradus. This lets the Autobots sneak up on him; Sideswipe is told to protect the humans while Bumblebee and Strongarm make the play, but they only run into the set's "booby traps" intended for the film! Sideswipe has to go in and decides to use his head... by letting Springload run for it, as he's worked out Springload is a delusional dumb-dumb and likely to run into the set's painted wall thinking it's actually the outside. And Springload does!

Bumblebee congratulates Sideswipe for being smart, while Denny Clay punishes us by saying "better hop to it!".

Featured characters




Articles & features

  • Official ID Form: Are YOU ready to join the Autobots? Fill in your details!
  • Meet the Autobots: Brief character summaries of the six Autobots.
  • Puzzles: Maze puzzles, odd-one-out puzzles, spot-the-difference.
  • Optimus Prime poster and Bumblebee vs. Steeljaw poster.
  • Draw Optimus Prime: Try to copy his truck form from one grid into another! He's telling you to and seems very angry with you, so I'd do it...
  • Colouring: Colour in Bumblebee and Steeljaw in the same pose as that poster
  • Fact File: Bumblebee
  • Transformers Post: Draw a picture and send it to Fixit!
  • Competition to win toys: Mega Optimus Prime, Deployers and One Step Changers.
  • Destroy your back cover in order to create a door-hanger! Simply cut along the dotted line.

Free Gift

  • Bumblebee Disk Shooter


  • Fire, When Ready!


"And whilst Crash Cragster and the Caverns of Terror was awesome, I think Crash Cragster and the Aztec Amethysts will be even better, because the director..." SIGH!

Russell inflicts suffering on Denny

"Autobots, er, rise up, regroup and roll out!" "Um..." "Oh, never mind. Just stop Springload!"

Bumblebee and Sideswipe


  • This is cheap.
    • And we don't mean the £3.49 price.
  • The strip is a sequel to the episode "Rumble in the Jungle", starting right where it finished. Sideswipe being unaware of what Springload can do is down to him not being involved in that story's A-plot.
  • The issue comes complete with art drawn by young children of Transformers... one of whom drew Animated Bumblebee, and one who appears to be an older kid and did an impressionistic ink drawing of the movie Grimlock.
  • Neither Meet the Autobots nor the Fact File mention that Optimus is supposed to be dead (sort of). Bit of an odd omission since that's part of the cartoon's plot!
  • Signature are just reprinting more of the IDW issues, for their next issues. (Confusing ain't it!)
  • This issue was later released at selected newsagents in Australia on December 27, 2015. The contents remain virtually identical, though the Disc-Shooter was replaced by a series 2 Tiny Titans blindbag.
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