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Signal Lancer is a generic Autobot from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Don't cross the street in the middle in the middle in the middle in the middle in the middle of the block!

After the Autobots were evacuated from Cybertron to Earth, Signal Lancer is one of several Transformers who took the form of a stoplight. Located in a remote portion of the American desert, his only friend was another refugee, a payphone located directly across the road.

" So, uh... is your mind made up, buddy?"
―Telephone refugee Callback's inquiry to his friend about any plans he has for the foreseeable future[[Beginning| [src]]]

" Destiny is calling and I must answer."
―Signal Lancer answers Callback's inquiry about what he is going to do for the future[[Beginning| [src]]]

" For too long, I've let life pass me by! Now I want to take part in the grand drama; my legacy will be written large among the stars!"
―Signal Lancer, during his Transform stock, explains his desires for what he wants to do for the future[[Beginning| [src]]]

Signal Lancer will GO great lengths to help make every galaxy a better place with his talents; he is READY to make a big difference for the greater good, and will bring a STOP to the neglect of the poorest of worlds that need his skills in mapping out routes and roads and in guiding other beings across life's driveways.

" Farewell, old friend!"
―Signal Lancer bids farewell to Callback[[Beginning| [src]]]

Note: Signal Lancer was not named in the American version of the cartoon, and gets his name from Japan's version.


Unicron Continuity (Animated)


Actor(s): Paul Dobson (U.S.), ??? (Japan)

Signal Lancer was "trained" to stay put by Lori, even though a stoplight in the middle of nowhere, not even at a cross-road, was rather silly, considering that you're more likely to find them at streets and roads. Hidden

At some point, he was joined in his desert vigil by Callback, who kept him company during his stay on Earth.

He would frequently stop Tim Hansen and his boss on their way to Tim's family's home and back - this constant stopping of Tim would be a running gag in all of his appearances.

When the universe was saved from the threat of the Unicron Singularity, Signal Lancer answered the call to travel into space and construct a new system of space bridges. Transforming and proclaiming that he had a great destiny before him, he left his post and joined Metroplex's team. His pay-phone pal wished him good luck in his efforts for the future.

After Signal Lancer's departure from Earth, Tim's boss was rather confused to not see Signal Lancer anymore afterwards. Beginning

Cyber Key Code content

After the Omega Lock was retrieved and Galvatron was finally defeated, "the Traffic Light Autobot" was commissioned by Optimus Prime to join Hightail as his partner and travel across Earth, mapping out every road on the planet.

Note: This information, taken from Hightail's Key Code data, contradicts the Cybertron anime's final credit sequence... unless there's another "Traffic Light Autobot", which is possible - the fact that multiple refugees disguised themselves as anything means that there could possibly be a few traffic light refugees among them.


Signal Lancer is one of countless "offworlders" who reside in Axiom Nexus. He was seen hanging out with Thrust for a drink with him. Gone Too Far


Ready? Set? TRANSFORM!

  • During the early development stages of the Galaxy Force series, Gonzo actually creates a concept design for the robot mode of the initially unnamed "Traffic Light TF". When Signal Lancer finally reveals his robot mode (and name) in the series' (chronologically) final episode, Mudflap's general animation model and transformation scheme are used as a basis, but the details for the robot mode are directly based on the old concept design. The early design was shown at the Tokyo Anime Fair a few months after Galaxy Force is launched in Japan. Photos from this event can be found at Autobase Aichi.