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Signal Flare is a craftsman; he loves spending his time carefully sculpting raw Energon into powerful weapons. He's considerably less interested in applying them to combat, though he's certainly no slouch in that department. Still, he'd rather leave the slice-and-dice to his feistier brother Offshoot.

He is very intelligent, and his ability to to both detect and manipulate Energon in its various forms, be it solid, energy or gaseous, make him an invaluable member of the Autobot forces.

Sometimes there are lots of him, other times he starts every statement with "CRZ!".

Russian name: Signalshik (Сигнальщик, "Signaler")


Energon cartoon

Voice actor: Michael Dobson (US) Nobuo Tobita (Japan)

The Signal Flares are a type of Omnicon, a group of identical individuals all presumably sharing the same name. Like Marklars.

A team of Signal Flares was vital in the process of building Energon Towers. A Signal Flare also scanned and replicated the Megatron Sword The New Cybertron City, while another one (well, presumably another one) discovered that Alpha Quintesson's sun produces Energon radiation.

Dreamwave Energon Comic

Signal Flare and his fellow Omnicons are upgraded Mini-Cons. He and Skyblast guarded Over-Run's access point in the Mini-Con village Six-Beta. Later, they were sent by Over-Run to assist Optimus Prime in repelling the Horsemen of Unicron. They then went to Earth to stop Scorponok and his Terrorcons in Australia.

Proving to be a bit too out of control to base near human cities, they were sent to the site of a new energon well in the Yukon. They were captured by Snow Cat while blowing off some steam, who attempted to rewrite their programming to turn them into Decepticons. Subconsciously guided by the snarky floating advice-giving head of Over-Run, they managed to break free by combining their powers. More teamwork led to Snow Cat's defeat, and a better understanding of their abilities.

On a mission with Kicker Jones to the Black Sea in Turkey to locate a new energon well underwater, Signal Flare create the energon bubble that protected Kicker from the crushing pressure of the deep sea. But they were attacked by Mirage (who had previously butted heads with them as Tidal Wave), Slugslinger and Sharkticon, who were attempting to capture the energon-empathic human. Though the Omnicons were beaten down, Kicker’s powers revitalized the them and allowed them to force the Decepticons to retreat



  • Signal Flare (Basic, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-12

MASER? I hardly knew 'er!

Signal Flare transforms into a Cybertronic half-track MASER tank. Moving the MASER arm causes the dish on the end to spin. The dish can be combined with a pair of shields to form his Energy Cutter. The Japanese version of the toy uses a very different shade of tan, and has slightly different paint applications.
The mold is also used by his brother Offshoot, and the live-action-movie-series Signal Flare. The Signal Flare/Offshoot body design is used as the model for the Attacktix Omnicon.
  • Signal Flare USA Edition (Basic, 2004)
In Japan, the Offshoot toy was made available as a store exclusive, sold as a new incarnation of the Signal Flare "character".


  • Signal Flare (Basic, 2005)
Signal Flare was repackaged on a Universe-themed card and sold through discount chains in the US like Big Lots!.


A Joe Decepticon, and a Cobra Autobot. Hm.

  • A MASER tank is a vehicle created in the Japanese Godzilla movie series. This would make Signal Flare's Terrorcon counterpart Cruellock, who is patterned on the 1998 American-movie version of Godzilla. MASER tanks never really worked all that well against whatever giant monster was stomping around each week.
  • Development sketches from Aaron Archer reveal that part of the inspiration for Signal Flare's vehicle mode was the distinctively-shaped Cobra H.I.S.S. tank from the G.I. Joe toy line.

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