Sights is an Autobot Targetmaster from the Generation One continuity family.

The bird is the nerd.

Sights is constantly on the lookout for anything that might enable his partner, Jackpot, to turn a seemingly-impossible feat into reality... and rack up the credits on the bets Jackpot placed on himself. When luck isn't enough, Sights can transform into a "Photon Cannon" that can connect to and exponentially amplify the power of Jackpot's own Photon Rifle.

French-Canadian name: Vision
Italian name: Falcon


Generation One

  • Jackpot w/ Sights (Action Master, 1990)
G1Jackpot toy

"I transform, and then with me you can see the sights! Geddit? Oh ... please yourself, then."

Sights is a mechanical bird with a simple spring-loaded transformation into a cannon mode that can be held by any Action Master figure. In this mode, he can attach any normal Action Master rifle to the end of his cannon to form a super weapon; in bird-mode he also has a peg-hole to mount any Action Master rifle on his back. He was available only with Jackpot.

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