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The Dinobot Clone is a creation of Megatron, based on Dinobot's beast mode so that it can infiltrate the Maximals by masquerading as the turncoat Predacon. Because it is a real (organic) dinosaur instead of a Transformer, it cannot transform. But with the inputting of Dinobot's Core Consciousness and Megatron's programming technique, the Clone proved much more intelligent than a normal dinosaur. The Clone doesn't have the sense of honor of the original.[1]


Beast Wars cartoon

Megatron used the Clone to break in the Axalon in order to disable Sentinel. But he was confronted by the real Dinobot. He was eaten by Dinobot after the fight. Double Dinobot

Megatron's cloning experiments would later have more success with the introduction of the Transmetal Driver, resulting in Dinobot II.


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