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Sidetrack is an Autobot Micromaster from the Generation One continuity family.

"And the others said swimming with the Sharkticons would be fun..."

Sidetrack of the Battle Patrol is, ironically, very difficult to sidetrack.[1] His battle strategy is to hit one target until it's slag, then move on to the next...a focus which makes him a favorite to patrol commander Big Shot. His single-mindedness in battle translates equally well into other matters. In Sidetrack's mind, the Autobots are "right" and the Decepticons are "wrong". It's that simple. Although this devotion to duty makes him valued as a soldier, it often creates friction between Sidetrack and many of the more free-thinking Micromasters alongside whom he fights. Fortunately for Sidetrack, he doesn't give a lugnut.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Sidetrack and the Battle Patrol were among the first Micromasters created on Cybertron, under a new tactical program instigated by Emirate Xaaron and his scientists. The Micromaster technology was so secret that Xaaron even had the Patrol leaders installed with a suicide switch, which they were instructed to press and destroy their teams if capture ever seemed at hand. Despite this, Sidetrack and his teammates were captured by Lord Thunderwing in a trap when Big Shot, the Patrol leader, chose to go down fighting instead of just giving up. The Battle Patrol was eventually rescued by other Autobot Micromasters, but not before Thunderwing's scientists had a chance to reverse engineer the Micromaster process for the Decepticons. A Small War!

Marvel UK future timelines

In 2009, Sidetrack and the Battle Patrol were on an Autobot shuttlecraft en route from Cybertron to Earth when a saboteur began compromising their voyage. The Battle Patrol was unable to locate Rodimus Prime at Kup's request...probably because the Autobot leader was off sabotaging the ship at the time. The Void! As the shuttle began its haphazard descent into Earth's atmosphere, the diminuitive Sidetrack was seen flying through the air on the bridge as Red Alert attempted to guide them in for a landing. Edge of Impact

Zone OVA and manga

During the attack of the Nine Great Demon Generals on the Planet Zone Base, Sidetrack could be seen firing his missiles at Overlord, who showed little reaction to this other than an amused laughter. So, despite Sidetrack’s effort, the Demon Generals succeeded in capturing the Energon Z energy source. As they retreated, Sidetrack and his fellow comrades of the Battle Team boarded Moonradar’s rocket to chase after them and pursued them to Earth. There, the Battle Team among other Microtransformers faced off against Trypticon and Predaking, only to find themselves again at the receiving end of the beating. Luckily, Sonic Bomber and Dai Atlas arrived just in time and saved the day.

Later on, Sidetrack could be seen amongst the crowd cheering and applauding to the newly appointed Autobot Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas!

Dreamwave comics continuity

Sidetrack was one of the first Micromasters to step up and tow the line in the Autobot army. He and his comrades under Big Shot became known as the Battle Patrol, or the "Rank-'N'-File Brigade" to their detractors. When Roadbuster of the Wreckers was injured in battle, Sidetrack decided to take it out on his Micromaster back-up: Big Daddy and the Hot Rod Patrol. A scuffle followed, and it ended with the Hot Rods breaking ranks with the Autobot cause. Destined for Nothing

When the Hot Rods came back later, Sidetrack and his buddies took petty revenge for the previous fight by refusing to let the Micros past the front gate without a new "passcode". His antics kept the Autobot forces from learning about a Decepticon incursion into Little Iacon, and the rising threat of Skystalker. Recipe For Hate Once the Autobots did acknowledge the threat, Sidetrack came with the troops and the rest of the Battle Patrol to save the Hot Rods and free the other Micromasters from imprisonment. Unfortunately, he suffered serious injuries in the battle, and there was nothing Fixit could do to save him. As his spark faded, he cursed Big Daddy with his last words, saying that they came to save him and, "It wasn't worth it." Victims of the Revolution


Generation One

  • Battle Patrol (Micromaster Patrol, 1989)
G1 Sidetrack toy

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Sidetrack transforms into a tan Roland anti-aircraft missile launcher mounted on a Marder IFV hull, as used by the German Army at that time. Though the brown turret structure is a separate piece from the tank hull, it cannot rotate due to it being part of his torso. The grey guns and missile tubes can pivot up and down, however.
He was only available as part of the Battle Patrol, along with his teammates Big Shot, Flak and Sunrunner.


  • Battle Patrol Team (Micro Transformer Team, 1990)
    • Japanese ID number: C-332
In Japan, the "Battle Patrol Team" came in a different deco. Sidetrack changed to military-green with brown robot parts. Early releases of the Team had yellow plastic parts (including Sidetrack's twin cannons) for some inexplicable reason, but these were changed to gray in later releases.

Return of Convoy

  • Battle Patrol Team (Micro Transformer Team, 1991)
    • Japanese ID number: C-332
    • Accessories: Micro Trailer #11
The Battle Patrol Team were one of three Zone Teams to be re-released in Return of Convoy. For this release, however, a Micro Trailer was added to the set to make them line up with the other Micro Teams in the line.

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  1. Apparently, he's called "Sidetrack" because his tracks tend to fall off . . .
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